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Electric bikes under $1500: What to consider?

There are excellent and affordable e-Bikes for under $1500. To find the electric bike that suits you, you should consider your intended use.

Opt for a Folding e-Bike, that is easy to store and transport to commute. Go for city e-Bikes for your commute, to wander around in the cit or for your week-ends rounds at the park or easy gravel terrain. An e-Mountain bike is the ideal solution for riding on trails, in the sand, mud or snow. Finally, Upway sometimes sources very affordable Road e-Bikes that are usually more expensive, with these bikes you can go for long rides and explore the nicest american roads! You can find all of these options in our selection of electric bikes for under $1500.

For batteries, the most common voltage is 36 V and the capacity varies between 8 Ah and 16 Ah. For the best possible range, you should make sure to select a high capacity in watt hours (ideally between 400 Wh and 500 Wh). Most batteries today are replaceable for easier charging. Some brands use the same key for the frame lock and battery for ease of use. At Upway, we refurbish or replace the battery on all of our used electric bikes when the battery condition is no longer suitable for continued use.

As far as e-Bike Class is concern, Class 1 electric-bikes are pedal-assist bicycles that provide power to the rider only when the rider is pedaling. These bikes have a maximum speed of 20 mph. Class 2 electric bikes, also known as "throttle-assist" bikes, have a similar power and speed capability as Class 1 electric bikes, but they also have a throttle control that allows the rider to engage the motor without pedaling. This means that the rider can use the motor to propel the bike forward, even if they are not pedaling. Class 3 electric bikes, also known as "speed pedelecs", are similar to Class 1 and 2 electric bikes, but they have a higher maximum speed of 28 mph. These electric bikes are designed for use on roads and some states are required minimum age and use of helmets, please make sure to comply with your local laws before buying and when riding a Class 3 electric bike. That's why you will find more Class 1 and 2 electric bikes in our Top 10 electric bikes under $1500.

Many electric bike riders forget to regularly check their electric bike's braking system. The brakes must have sufficient power to brake or stop the bicycle. Disc brakes are ergonomic and progressive and they are the most widely used in the world due to their reliability.


Your electric bike for under $1500 at Upway

Upgrade your ride with one of our electric bikes at a reasonable price. For used electric bikes, Upway electric bikes are systematically maintained/repaired by a professional mechanic. We offer high quality e-Bikes even at very low prices, guaranteed and delivered to your door!

Buying your electric bike on Upway makes you save between 20% and 60% vs new! All structural elements of our electric bikes are guaranteed for one year: frame, battery, motor and electronics. If you change your mind within 14 days of receiving the electric bike, the return is free. Refer to our Limited Product Warranty and Return policies.

With Upway, electric bikes are affordable for everyone! We have a large range of electric bikes for less than $1500: discover our wide range of city/hybrid e-Bikes, folding e-Bikes, road e-Bikes and e-mountain bikes.