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Specialized is an American brand that is one of the most recognized names in the bike business. In 2009, Specialized developed its first electric bike, aiming to have riders feel like they had the legs of a superhero - thus the Turbo Series was born, which has electric bikes for every need.

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Specialized Electric Bikes

Designed in California, engineered in Switzerland, Specialized has been a trusted brand in the cycling industry since 1974, offering a wide range of bicycles for all types of riders. Recently, they have expanded their product line to include electric bikes or e-bikes. 

Specialized electric bikes are designed to give riders an extra power boost while pedaling, allowing them to go further and conquer more challenging terrain.

Specialized Bikes We Offer at Upway

Specialized’s e-bike lineup includes several models catering to different riders. At Upway, we carry refurbished Specialized electric bike models, including:

Turbo Kenevo

The Specialized 2019 Turbo Kenevo is an e-mountain bike engineered to conquer the most challenging terrain. Its full-suspension 180 mm frame provides ample cushioning for jumps and rough terrain. It’s powered by a high-performance motor that delivers up to 565 W of power and 35 Nm of torque, with a 460 Wh battery that offers an excellent range.

Unique features include an adjustable geometry that allows riders to optimize their position and handling, Specialized Butcher Grid (71-584) tires, and high-quality components such as a wide range drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes.


The Specialized Levo Comp is a top-quality electric mountain bike designed to give riders the power and versatility to tackle more trails than they thought possible. The Levo Comp is a stunning ride with a sleek gray frame and 29” wheels wrapped in Specialized Butcher Grid tires. 

It boasts a powerful Turbo Full Power System 2.2 motor that delivers up to 90 Nm of torque and 565 W of power, while the 700 Wh battery provides long-lasting power to explore more trails. 

The Shimano SLX 1x12 drivetrain ensures smooth shifting, while the hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power. With excellent ride quality, usability and a max speed of 20 mph, the Specialized Levo Comp is the perfect bike for anyone looking to conquer even the most challenging mountain trails.


The Specialized Turbo Como 5.0 is a stunning Class 3 e-bike perfect for city commuting, leisure riding and exploration. This versatile bike is built with a lightweight frame and features a powerful motor and long-lasting battery, allowing riders to go further and faster with ease. 

With up to 50 Nm of torque and 604 Wh battery capacity, the Como 5.0 provides smooth and reliable assistance for daily commutes or weekend adventures. It also comes with high-quality components, including hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Deore XT transmission and 27.5” wheels with Nimbus Sport tires.

Creo SL

The Specialized Creo SL Expert is a game-changing electric road bike that offers an incredibly lightweight and smooth ride, allowing you to go farther and faster than ever before. The Creo SL Expert will turn heads on the road, equipped with top-of-the-line components and a sleek, modern design. 

With a powerful Specialized SL 1.1 motor and a 320 Wh battery, this bike provides 35 Nm of torque and pedal assistance, helping riders conquer hills and long distances. Additionally, the bike features high-quality Shimano Deore XT components, hydraulic disc brakes and Specialized Turbo Pro tires, making it an ideal choice for serious road cyclists.

Why Choose a Specialized e-Bike?

One of the things that sets Specialized electric bikes apart from the competition is their advanced technology. Specialized has developed its own proprietary motor and battery system, known as the Specialized 2.2 motor and the Specialized M2 battery. These components work together to provide riders with a smooth and powerful ride while delivering excellent range and battery life.

In addition to their high-performance electric bikes, Specialized offers a range of accessories and components designed specifically for e-bikes. These include racks, bags, lights and specialized tires and wheels optimized for electric bike use.

Specialized’s Commitment to Sustainability

At Specialized, sustainability is at the forefront of their mission, with a focus on people, the planet and performance. They believe that the future of transportation should involve bikes instead of cars, recognizing that transportation is the fastest-growing cause of greenhouse gas emissions. Bikes are a powerful tool in the fight against climate change and can promote freedom, community building, and physical and mental health.

Specialized is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint while producing high-quality bikes and equipment. They strive for responsible manufacturing and design, waste reduction and recycling, and climate action. 

They also advocate for biking and partner with organizations like Outride and People4Bikes to support more riders in more places in more ways. They also host Specialized Soil Searching Dig Days that take place globally, allowing riders to connect with their trail community by participating in trail building, riding bikes, enjoying warm meals, cold drinks and meeting new people. 

Buy Specialized e-Bikes at Upway

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