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Upway provides an exceptional e-bike trade-in program, along with specialized services for demo fleets, floor models, and aged inventory bulk purchases. We also handle return and blemished unit management. Our services are trusted by bike shops and manufacturers across the United States.

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Our trade-in program

Boost your bike sales with Upway's trade-in program

Transform your sales with Upway’s seamless e-bike trade-in service

Start accepting customer trade-ins today and watch your bike sales soar. Upway’s innovative pricing software helps you accurately determine the market value of your customer's used electric bike. When a customer agrees to the quoted price, they bring their e-bike to your store for a quick visual inspection. This visit not only streamlines the trade-in process but also gives them a chance to explore and purchase a new bike from your inventory.

Here's how it works

  • Accurate Pricing: Use our software to get the current market value for any used e-bike.
  • In-Store Inspection: Customers drop off their e-bike at your store for a visual check.
  • Guaranteed Purchase: Upway commits to buying the bike at the quoted price.
  • Convenient Pickup: We collect the bike from your shop at a time that suits you.
  • Instant Payment: Receive full payment promptly.

Enhance your customer experience and increase your sales with Upway’s hassle-free trade-in service. Start today and make your store the go-to destination for e-bike enthusiasts.


Unlock cash to reinvest in your business today

Do you have e-bikes in your inventory that you need to sell? Want to free up space in your shop or replace your demo fleet? Simply send us a list with the brand, model, year of production, mileage, and retail price of your e-bikes. We will promptly provide an offer and coordinate shipping with you. 


Simplify Your Returns Process

Imagine a hassle-free world where you no longer worry about returned and blemished bikes. Upway can handle all returns by either processing batches of bikes, re-selling them, and managing payments, or by directing your customers to us. They will receive a shipping label to send their returns directly to Upway instead of your warehouse.

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