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From warehouse to roadside: unveiling the Upway experience

With Upway, you’re not just buying an e-bike at an affordable price: you’re investing in a seamless and trustworthy experience.

Every electric bike goes through a rigorous inspection and refurbishment process in our warehouse in New York City, ensuring it is in top-notch condition before it reaches your doorstep. We stand by the quality of our e-bikes with our 1-year warranty that covers any mechanical or electrical failure. Join our community of fans and ride with confidence, knowing that we’ve got your back every step of the way.

How we source, inspect and repair our e-bikes


We source only the best electric bike brands in the world from collaborations with manufacturers, bike shops, and individuals.

Explore top-tier American brands like Specialized, Super73, Cannondale, and Rad Power, and discover other brands such as Riese & Müller, Stromer, and Gazelle, which are fan favorites across the world.

2. 20-Point Inspection

Our bikes undergo a rigorous 20-point inspection to ensure there is no structural damage to the frame, mechanical components, drive system, battery, and accessories. The inspection helps us identify necessary potential repairs.

3. Mechanical repairs

We replace all worn parts that are not in like-new condition: tires, brakes, cables, and chains. Then, our mechanics:

  • Bleed hydraulic brakes

  • Replace worn bearing systems

  • True wheels and replace spokes

  • Lubricate the chain

  • Run a comprehensive quality control check to ensure proper adjustement and alignment of all components


Unlike conventional bicycles, electric bikes incorporate advanced electrical components. 

Our team proceeds with the repairs identified during the initial inspection, which includes among others:

  • Refurbishment or replacement of the battery if the residual capacity is below 80% of its original value

  • Replacement of the torque sensor

  • Repair or replacement of the display, lights, indicators, alarms...


Each bike has its brakes aligned and adjusted for positive, confident braking, and the drivetrain is dialed in for crisp, accurate shifting. 

The bike then overgoes a deep clean and a quality-check from our senior-most mechanics.


The final stage in the process is for your bike to be carefully packaged by our warehouse team.

Your bike first undergoes a last inspection from our mechanics, before it is carefully protected in our custom packaging. It will then be packed in our box with the appropriate accessories (charger, keys and assembly tools) for delivery to your home.

After you receive your e-Bike

Guaranteed delivery anywhere in the contiguous US

Upway ships your bike within the next 2 business days, 99% assembled via a freight shipping carrier. 

And here's our promise: if your e-bike faces any bumps in transit, our Delivery Guarantee ensures you're compensated – because your joyride should start stress-free!

Love it or return it

At Upway, we believe in love at first ride. Not vibing with your new e-Bike? No worries! 

Whether it's a sizing hiccup or a change of heart, you can easily return or exchange it. A nominal fee applies for the convenience. We're all about making choices as easy as a Sunday ride!

Ride securely with our protection plans

Every e-bike comes with a 1-year warranty against mechanical and electrical defects. 

Amp up your peace of mind with Extend: our partner offers an extra-coverage plan, covering accidental damages, falls, and crashes from day one and for up to three years. Plus, explore our curated selection of locks, helmets, and more because safety always comes first!


At Upway, assistance is just a message, email, or call away. Our customer support team is here to help you navigate any questions or concerns. Explore our detailed Help Center for quick answers or use our Bike Finder feature to discover the perfect e-Bike match. Your journey starts with us, and we're here every step of the way.

Our 20-point inspection process in details

Each bike we receive is subject to a detailed 20 inspection point review.

These steps helps us verify that there is no structural damage to the frame, mechanical components, drive system, or battery. It also allows us to identify the repairs necessary to restore the bike to ‘like new’ condition.

Electrical components

1. Motor and Assistance

2. Battery

3. Charger

4. Display screen

5. Lights

Mechanical components

6. Frame

7. Front and Rear Wheels

8. Forks

9. Stem

10. Handlebar

11. Handles

12. Brakes

13. Gears

14. Seatpost

15. Saddle

16. Crankset

17. Cranks

18. Pedals

19. Chain

20. Tires