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Redefine your off-road journey with our durable and high-performance full-suspension electric bikes. These off-road machines are perfect for eco-friendly adventure riding. High-performance e-MTBs are chock-full of great features for every adventure.

Electric mountain biking is for extreme e-Bike riders who need the best full-suspension e-Bikes for the most demanding conditions. Whether you're hunting big game on rugged terrain, tackling the roughest trails, cruising around a beach town, or tackling a rugged urban landscape on your way to work, you don't have to worry about anything in your path with a full-suspension electric bike. The efficient electric motors, advanced suspension systems, and powerful lithium-ion batteries ensure a smooth riding experience over the most challenging terrain for long distances.

Discover the ultimate e-Bikes for rugged conditions. Feel the joy and freedom of off-road e-Biking. Experience the unparalleled power of e-MTBs, the ideal bikes for any riding conditions. From full-suspension fat tire electric bikes for mud, snow, or sand to lightweight full-suspension e-mountain bikes, we have the best e-Bikes on the market.

Why Full Suspension in Electric Bikes?

Climb steep trails, have more fun on the downhill trails, and extend your rugged terrain e-biking adventures. Full-suspension electric bikes unluck another level of fun in off-road e-biking and aggressive riding. The rear shock and suspension fork create a smooth ride and help with traction over varied terrain.

Benefits of Full Suspension for e-Bike Riders

If you have lower back or wrist pain or simply want a more comfortable riding style, e-mountain bikes with suspension are an awesome choice. Off-road electric biking can be challenging, but the electric power in a hub motor or 8-speed mid-drive powered bike can make rocky hills feel like flat terrain.

Electric mountain bikes multiply your pedaling power. Dual-suspension electric mountain bikes multiply the comfort and versatility of any riding style. What's not to love?

Combining Comfort with Power in Electric Biking

The suspension front fork and rear suspension on e-mountain bikes soak up bumps from the road and rough trails. Plus, they make trail rides more fun! Suspension e-Bikes make your ride more comfortable, and the electric motor and pedal assist make power loss a thing of the past.

If you regularly ride your e-Bike on varied terrain, whether off-road trails or bike paths around town, you'll benefit from the added comfort of that suspension fork and rear shock.

Choosing Your Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

Full-suspension e-mountain bikes come in all shapes and sizes. We'll discuss the best full-suspension electric bikes and what makes each model great.

Key Features to Look for in Full Suspension e-Bikes

Look for dual-suspension electric mountain bikes with high-quality suspension. It's best to get a bike with an adjustable suspension fork, which allows you to dial in the shocks as conditions change.

Look for models with hydraulic disc brakes for the best stopping power. If you're getting into commuting, features like a built-in brake light, rear rack, and soft saddle will come in handy. Since you'll likely be riding for miles in adverse conditions, ensure the e-MTB you choose has water-resistant connectors for all electrical components, including the wiring harness.

Top Models Reviewed: From Rambo to Himiway

Rambo Rampage 48V/21AH 1000W Full Suspension Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike

This full-suspension fat tire e-Bike features an ultra-quiet Bafang BBSHD mid-drive motor that can produce 160NM of torque and has a peak wattage output of 1500. It has a throttle for the times when you prefer not to pedal, and you can adjust the setting in the head unit to fit any e-Bike class as well.

Himiway Cobra D7 Full Suspension Electric Bike

This full-suspension e-MTB is super affordable, powerful, and has fat tires for an even plusher ride. The 1000-watt motor and large battery get up to 80 miles of range on a single charge. It has a torque sensor for a natural pedaling experience, 400-pound payload capacity, hydraulic disc brakes, and dual shocks for rough terrain.

Specialized Turbo Tero X

If you read cross country electric bike reviews, you've probably heard of the Specialized Turbo Tero. This bike combines the benefits of a cross country mountain bike with commuter-friendly features. It features a rear rack and fenders, which is a rarity on full-suspension bikes, and an integrated headlight and rear light. It has a powerful mid-drive motor and a max speed of 28 miles per hour.

Technical Aspects: Motors, Batteries, and Suspension Systems

Full-suspension e-mountain bikes are more complicated than standard electric bikes, but they aren’t too complex. Each model has a powerful motor, a battery to power that motor, and front and rear shocks to make your ride more comfortable. They’re just like an e-Bike, but with extra suspension.

Understanding the Mechanics of Full Suspension e-Bikes

Full-suspension e-MTBs use the same mechanics as a standard full-suspension bike. We've all been riding full-suspension bikes for years, and full-suspension e-Bikes use the same frame designs but add electric power.

The Latest in Motor and Battery Technology

Electric bike batteries are quickly shrinking in size while growing in power capacity, and electric motors are rapidly improving in their ability to use that power to take you farther, faster.

Rider Insights: Real Experiences with Full Suspension e-Bikes

If you've ever ridden a difficult mountain bike trail and were too tired to enjoy the downhill section after a massive climb, you'll love full-suspension e-Bikes. They make the hills manageable, so you can go farther and carry more. Check it out our best electric bike for hills.

Full-suspension e-MTBs are also very popular for hunting. With a full-suspension all-terrain bike, you can reach deeper into the backcountry and have an electric assist motor help haul out big game.

Customer Reviews: Pros and Cons

There's a lot to love about having front and rear suspension on your electric bike. You'll experience unrivaled comfort and grip on any terrain. With dual suspension, you can ride anything, anywhere.

The most significant downside of suspension e-Bikes is that they're heavier. Those shocks and burly frames won't be as light as an electric road bike. However, the powerful electric motor ensures you won’t have to do all the work.

Full-suspension electric bikes also tend to be more expensive. But with all electric bikes up to 60% off, you will surely find a super affordable full-suspension e-MTB that fits your budget.