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Giant Electric Bikes

Giant is one of the world's leading brands in bicycles and cycling equipment. The Taiwanese brand has been responsible for major innovations, such as the transition from steel frames to materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. They have also created many electric bikes technologies, such as SyncDrive Pro, Smart Assist, and EnergyPak.

Giant Electric Bikes

Giant Bicycles is the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer and a household name among cycling enthusiasts, selling standard and electric bikes in over 50 countries.

When you buy a Giant electric bike, you can rest easy knowing your product was made by the world leader in bicycle manufacturing, guaranteeing years of reliable use. Upway carries a selection of certified refurbished Giant electric bikes suitable for any ride, from city commuting to trail and off-road.

Brief History of Giant Bicycles

Established in Taiwan in 1972, Giant started as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the Schwinn Bicycle Company. In 1987, Giant entered the market producing bikes under their own brand, rapidly becoming a world leader in bicycle manufacturing due to their quality products at a much lower price than its competitors.

The Taiwanese manufacturer’s first electric bike was released in the late 1990s, with the introduction of the first Giant electric bike, the LaFree, in 1997. This model was well-known for employing a double electric motor system, a design invented by Hosea W. Libbey and patented in 1897, which Giant modernized nearly 100 years later.

Today, Giant remains the world leader in bicycle products and a leading manufacturer of electric bikes, offering a wide range of product lines for types of riders. Some popular Giant electric bikes include the Explore E+ trekking bikes, the Talon E+, Trance X E+, Stance E+ trail bikes, the Fastroad E+ fitness bikes and the Reign E+ enduro models.

How to Choose a Giant Electric Bike

While Giant produces many high-quality products, knowing what to look for and what parts your electric bike is fitted with can help you determine which model best fits your needs. 

Engine torque

Electric motors on e-bikes develop varying amounts of maximum torque (rotational force). Lower-powered models average 50 Nm, while more powerful motors can develop 80 Nm or more. For instance, a minimum of 65-70 Nm is recommended for e-bikes for hill climbing and uphill trails.

Battery capacity

A battery with a capacity of 250 Wh is the minimum for general commuting. However, if you need to ride over longer commutes or are looking for a trail and off-road bike, look for models supplying 500 Wh or more.

Frame and wheel sizing

As with traditional bikes, electric bikes are available in many different sizes, each suited for riders of different heights. Ensure your model features a frame and wheels sized appropriately for your height. This ensures optimal posture and pedaling efficiency. For example, an M-sized bike is best suited for riders between 5’5” and 5’10” tall.


Quality brakes ensure you can bring your electric bike to a stop quickly and safely, even from its top speed. Look for models equipped with hydraulic disk brakes, as they offer the highest braking power regardless of terrain and weather conditions.

Giant E-Bike Models We Carry

Upway carries a wide array of Giant electric bikes for riders of all kinds. Our current selection includes these models:

Giant Explore E+3 GTS

This stylish electric trekking bike is ideal for riders in need of a versatile model. Its 20 mph top speed, puncture-resistant tires, suspension fork system, and compatibility with fenders and a rear rack make it the perfect model for your work commute, local streets, and even light dirt and gravel trails.

Giant Trance X Advanced E+2

The Trance X Advanced E+2 is part of Giant’s renowned electric mountain bike (eMTB) family. It features a powerful motor capable of developing up to 85 Nm of torque, a professional-grade Shimano SLX transmission, and a high-capacity 625 Wh battery, making it the perfect companion for taking on the toughest trails and off-road environments.

Giant Fastroad E+ EX Pro

While the Giant Fastroad E+ family of electric bikes is officially marketed as a line of fitness bikes, they also excel for the daily commute due to their powerful 80 Nm electric motors and a top speed of up to 28 mph. The E+ EX Pro also comes with a rear rack that can accept a variety of bags and baskets.

Giant Vida E+ GTS

The Vida E+ GTS is a comfortable city e-bike designed to be the ideal commuter, no matter your level as a rider. It is equipped with the Giant SyncDrive engine, a 500 Wh battery, and a low-maintenance gear hub, making it easy to use. 

Find Certified Pre-Owned Giant E-Bikes at Upway

Upway is a leading retailer of certified pre-owned Giant electric bikes. Our commitment to safety and quality ensures each of the bikes we make available for sale has passed our 5-step, 20-point inspection process

When you buy a Giant electric bike from Upway, you can rest assured that our product was reviewed and certified by our team of professionals. Our top mechanics conduct this process to ensure each Giant bike’s elements are fully inspected, from mechanical components to electric and electronic systems. 

Whether you are a city commuter or an extreme trail rider, Upway has the Giant e-bikes you need. Shop our selection of Giant products and find the perfect electric bike for you today.