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Founded by long-time motorcycle designer, Erik Buell, Fuell's E-Bike line up is heavily inspired by motorcycles. Fuell's Fluidd Electric Bike line features two batteries per bike, while incorporating a subtle futurist design into the traditional bike frame.

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Fuell Electric Bikes

The Fuell company was founded in 2019 by three passionate individuals: American motorcycle industry legend Erik Buell, French motorsport engineer Frédéric Vasseur and French motorcycle engineer François-Xavier Terny. 

Due to their connection to the motorbike industry, many Fuell electric bikes possess features and design elements heavily inspired by motorcycles. The company describes itself as an electric urban mobility manufacturer. It currently produces the Flluid, a line of e-bikes and an innovative product known as the Fllow e-motorcycle.

Upway carries a selection of certified pre-owned Fuell Flluid-1S e-bikes, the company’s rugged, first-generation electric bike. Purchasing your Fuell e-bikes through Upway can help you find a Fuell e-bike for up to 60% off the price of a new model.

Key Features of the Fuell Flluid-1S Electric Bike

Fuell introduced the Flluid-1 e-bike family in 2019 with the release of the original Flluid-1 and Flluid-1S city e-bikes. We carry the 2022 Flluid-1S model, the more powerful of the two options available to U.S. customers. The 1S is known for the following e-bike features and innovative technologies: 

Electric Motor

The Fuell Flluid-1S is a mid-drive electric bike, meaning the motor is integrated into the frame and located near the bike’s center of gravity. Unlike a hub-motor e-bike, where the motor directly drives either wheel, mid-drive e-bikes like the Flluid-1S transmit power more efficiently through a crank and driveshaft. This design allows the Flluid-1S to produce more torque and better performance than hub-motor models.

The Fuell Flluid-1S is equipped with a 500-watt Bofeili motor capable of developing up to 100 Nm of torque. This motor allows the Flluid-1S to reach unassisted speeds of up to 28 mph, making it a class 3 electric bike. Like all class 3 e-bikes, the 1S also features a pedal assist, letting the rider reach potentially higher speeds depending on their level of fitness and endurance.

Battery System and Range

The Fuell Flluid family of electric bikes is advertised as the world’s longest-range electric bike. They feature ultra-high-capacity batteries capable of exceeding 100 miles of range.

The Flluid-1S features a twin battery system with a combined capacity of 1,008 watt-hours, higher than most other e-bikes of the same class and category. On a full charge and riding in urban or flat terrain, you can expect a maximum range of approximately 124 miles or over half that of the average EV.

According to Fuell, the included fast charger can recharge the twin battery system from empty to 80 percent in about two hours and a half, reaching 100 percent charge in 5 hours. The Flluid-1S’s fast-charging capabilities ensure you always have a full battery available for long rides, whether commuting to work or going on weekend trips. 

Frame and Construction

The Flluid-1S is an aluminum closed-frame electric bike with an overall weight of about 79 lbs. It is available in two frame sizes: Medium, which is recommended for riders between 5’3” and 6’2” and Large, best suited for riders 5’9” to 6’6”. Upway carries certified pre-owned examples of both models, allowing you to choose a version that best suits your build and preferences.


Shimano gearboxes equip the Fuell Flluid-1 family of electric bikes. On the Flluid-1S, you’ll find the classic Shimano Nexus 5-speed gearbox. This model is ideal for riding quickly and comfortably on city streets and other urban environments.

The Flluid-1S is fitted with a Gates carbon belt drive with a higher strength-to-weight ratio than traditional steel chain drives. Both the Shimano gearbox and Gates carbon drive belts are highly durable and have lower maintenance requirements than traditional gearboxes and chains. 

Wheels and Brakes

No long-range electric bike is complete without quality wheels to ensure a smooth ride. The Flluid-1S e-bike comes fitted with a pair of 27.5” Pirelli CYCL-E GT tires (57-584). Pirelli specifically conceived these radial tires for long-distance road e-bikes, providing maximum grip on asphalt and other road surfaces.

The Flluid-1S also features a pair of high-performance Tektro 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes. They can bring your e-bike from its top speed of 28 mph to a stop within short distances, keeping you safe on the road and helping you navigate and weave around obstacles.

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