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Shipping to Your Doorstep - 1 Year Warranty - 14-Day Returns


How can I take care of my electric bike

The maintenance of an electric bicycle is similar to that of a conventional bicycle. Apart from the motor, battery, and other electronics, they work the same way.From cleaning to software updates to optimizing your battery, here's everything you need to know about maintaining your electric bike.

What are the incentives to an electric bike purchase in the USA

A good quality electric bike can be expensive. Even with the discounts offered by Upway (up to 60%). The good news is that with gas prices, pollution, space/parking management issues, several cities and states offer incentives and subsidies to encourage even more people to switch to an electric-bike.

Our Commitment to Fire Safety

Upway is ensuring fire safety in its warehouse in Brooklyn, NY. With recent incidents involving e-bikes and fire safety making headlines, Upway is taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of its employees, customers, and the surrounding community. Upway is dedicated to fire safety and is taking proactive measures.