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Gazelle is a Dutch bike company with 130 years of experience. They are sustainability-focused and aim to have the most comfortable E-Bikes on the market, which feature accessible frame geometry and an upright seating position.

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Gazelle Electric Bikes

Gazelle is a company based in the city of Dieren, in the Netherlands. The Gazelle brand is the largest and most successful in its home country, producing over 300,000 units yearly. 

Upway carries a selection of electric bikes made by the well-known Dutch bike manufacturer. Browse our Gazelle electric bikes and discover the brand’s commitment to style, quality, and innovation.

History of Gazelle Bikes and Electric Bikes

Gazelle is one of the world’s oldest bicycle manufacturers, founded in 1892 and was awarded the Royal predicate in 1992 by Princess Margriet on their centennial birthday which coincided with the production of their 8 millionth bicycle. 

The company is the oldest bike factory in continuous operation in the Netherlands and their bikes are intricately tied to bicycle culture in the Netherlands. Their products are everywhere in the country, and Gazelle riders include the Dutch royal family. 

Gazelle was also one of the first bicycle makers to jump into modern electric bikes. Although the company’s first attempt at an electric bike dates to 1937 with the Gazelle Electro, the Dutch bike maker re-introduced electric models to its catalog in 2005 by creating its first modern e-bike.

Today, Gazelle continues producing both standard bicycles and electric bikes. The Dutch brand has remained at the forefront of e-bike research and development. It currently offers multiple product families catering to all types of e-bike riders.

Popular Gazelle Electric Bikes

Discover the selection of high-quality, certified used Gazelle e-bikes at Upway. We carry the following models:

Gazelle Arroyo Elite C8 HMB

Gazelle’s line of Arroyo e-bikes is the modernized version of the classic Dutch city bike.

Arroyo e-bikes provide the same practicality as their non-powered equivalents but with an electric motor’s extra capabilities and convenience.

The Arroyo Elite C8 HMB is one of Gazelle’s most comfortable city cruising e-bikes, offering a fully adjustable stem, a rear-mounted bike rack, iconic Dutch styling, and a smooth ride under almost all circumstances. This Gazelle e-bike features standard pedal assistance and a reliable Bosch Active Line 50 Nm engine, letting you reach a top speed of 20 mph. 

The included Shimano Nexus 8-speed gearbox allows you to switch gears smoothly and requires little maintenance, helping make daily riding with the Arroyo Elite a stress-free experience.

Gazelle Medeo T9 City HMB

Gazelle’s family of Medeo electric bikes offers the perfect combination of features for riders seeking an accessible but versatile e-biking experience, regardless of prior experience with e-bikes.

The Medeo T9 City HMB is ideal for beginners and seasoned e-bike riders alike, suitable for use in the streets, slightly-inclined countryside roads, and even light off-road terrains, such as dirt and gravel. 

This version of the Medeo comes with Schwalbe shallow-tread comfort tires, a front suspension fork, a high-comfort saddle, and fully adjustable handlebars. Its Bosch Active Line electric motor is lightweight and economical, developing 40 Nm and helping keep the Medeo T9’s overall weight to a light-for-category 46 lbs.

With the Medeo’s 400 Wh battery pack, you can expect a maximum pedal-assisted range of 20 to 65 miles, depending on the assist mode selected.

Gazelle Easyflow C8

The Easyflow C8 is an enthusiast-grade, aluminum-framed step-thru electric bike primarily designed for long-distance commuting and weekend riding on asphalt. This electric bike prioritizes convenience, comfort, and low maintenance to make daily riding and ownership as accessible as possible.

The Easyflow C8 features an electric motor and gearbox combination entirely made by Shimano. It combines the Shimano Steps LCD 50 Nm motor with a Nexus 7-speed gearbox, providing riders with the power and gearing needed to cruise through any urban environment. 

On a full charge, the Easyflow C8 can provide up to 80 miles of range, more than enough for even the longest commutes.

The 26” Schwalbe Marathon touring tires feature all-purpose treading, making the Easyflow C8 suitable for all types of road riding and some light off-road applications like dirt, grass, or gravel. The seat-mounted shock absorber and front fork help enhance comfort and maintain ride smoothness.

As a step-thru electric bike, the Easyflow C8 makes it easy for riders to mount and dismount. Unlike many e-bikes of similar design, the 504 Wh battery pack is not found on the down tube or near the bike’s center. Instead, it is mounted under the bike rack, over the rear tire. Although it is an unusual battery position for a city cruising bike, this unique design makes it easy to remove and reattach for cleaning and maintenance.

Find Quality Pre-Owned Gazelle Bikes at Upway

At Upway, our teams work to ensure that every used electric bike is safe and functional. All e-bikes on sale have passed our stringent 5-step inspection process to ensure they are Upway Certified, providing riders with a product in new or like-new condition.

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