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Shipping to Your Doorstep - 1 Year Warranty - 14-Day Returns

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FAQs: Warranty and Repair

Is my electric bike under warranty?

Yes! A professional bike mechanic has repaired, inspected, and certified your electric bike, meaning we are happy to offer a 1-year warranty on the battery, the motor, and the electronics. If you experience any problems within the next 12 months after your purchase, please contact us via email:

Find more info here about our 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Who takes care of repairing my electric bike in case of a problem? 

We'll make sure we can help you, either remotely or point you to a bike shop near you. If that doesn't work, we'll repair your electric bike from our workshop in Brooklyn, NY, and take care of shipping the bike back to you.

If you still have questions: 

Contact us via email :