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Biktrix has empowered over 20,000 riders to experience the freedom of biking like never before. The Canadian company started on Kickstarter and offers a wide range of models since 2013, from folding bikes to their best selling Juggernaut.

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Biktrix Electric Bikes

Biktrix was founded in 2014 by Roshan Thomas, a passionate cyclist and entrepreneur based in Saskatchewan, Canada. Like many e-bike enthusiasts, Thomas recognized the potential of electric bicycles to transform transportation and make cycling accessible to a broader audience.

Biktrix made its breakthrough with the launch of the Juggernaut series, which included one of the few 750W mid-drive e-bikes available at the time. The success of its Kickstarter campaign propelled Biktrix from a small operation to a prominent direct-to-consumer electric bike company.

Biktrix quickly gained recognition for its commitment to quality, performance and customer satisfaction. The brand's dedication to developing cutting-edge technology and delivering exceptional riding experiences propelled its rapid growth. By leveraging advancements in electric motor technology and battery systems, Biktrix created e-bikes that offered impressive speed, range and versatility.

As the demand for e-bikes skyrocketed, Biktrix expanded its operations and began offering a diverse range of electric bicycles, including mountain bikes, fat tire bikes, commuters and folding models. Their bikes featured powerful motors, long-lasting batteries and customizable options to suit the needs of different riders.

Customize Your Ride: Types of Biktrix e-bikes

At Upway, you can explore an impressive lineup of Biktrix e-bikes designed to take your cycling experience to the next level. From rugged fat tire bikes built for off-road adventures to sleek step-thru commuters that effortlessly navigate city streets, Biktrix offers an array of options to suit every rider.


Biktrix step-thru e-bikes feature relaxed bike geometry that allows for easy mounting and dismounting, providing a comfortable ride for people of all capabilities, including seniors and individuals with limited mobility. 

The step-thru e-bikes from Biktrix provide a convenient solution for urban commuting, enabling riders to effortlessly maneuver through traffic. They also offer a range of practical features, such as integrated racks compatible with panniers and baskets for carrying groceries or essentials, rear fenders to keep you clean and dry on wet roads and powerful electric assistance with a cadence sensor to conquer inclines.

Full Suspension

Biktrix e-bikes equipped with full suspension, like the Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro, deliver unparalleled comfort, control and performance. The advanced suspension system absorbs bumps and rough terrain, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride. Whether tackling challenging trails or urban streets, the full suspension ensures enhanced traction, stability and reduced fatigue. 

Rear Hub Drive

The rear hub drive e-bikes from Biktrix are propelled by strong 500W Shengyi motors that offer balanced power distribution for a more even ride. The strong power output allows riders to easily navigate cities, climb hills and explore trails.

Mid Motor

Biktrix’s mid-motor e-bikes are engineered to deliver exceptional power with an impressive output of over 1,500 watts at peak performance. Equipped with the Bafang M620 system and G510 electric motor, these bikes generate an impressive 160 Nm of torque. This remarkable combination ensures an exhilarating riding experience, allowing riders to tackle challenging terrains while enjoying seamless acceleration.

Folding Bikes

Biktrix folding e-bikes, such as the Kutty X 2, go beyond portability by placing a premium on compactness and convenience. With their folding frames and handlebars, these bikes effortlessly collapse, enabling hassle-free storage in tight spaces like closets, car trunks or public transportation compartments. The ingenious design of Biktrix folding e-bikes allows riders to seamlessly transition between cycling and storage modes, making them the ideal choice for urban commuters.

Fat Tire Bikes

Biktrix Fat Tire e-bikes are purpose-built with wide and rugged tires specifically designed to tackle demanding terrains such as sand, mud or snow. With their tough tire grip and enhanced traction, these bikes offer exceptional stability and control, giving riders the confidence to explore off-road environments.

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When you shop at Upway, you can have confidence in the quality and reliability of your purchase. All Biktrix e-bikes undergo a 20-point mechanical and electrical inspection process to ensure it meets our strict standards of excellence. We prioritize your satisfaction and safety, so you can trust that your new e-bike will deliver a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Upway believes in providing our customers with peace of mind when purchasing an electric bike. So, we offer a comprehensive 1-year warranty on all our Biktrix electric bikes. This warranty covers any potential defects in the battery, the motor and general electronics of your electric bike, ensuring that your investment is protected.

We also understand that choosing the right electric bike can be challenging and we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. To ensure you find the best bike for your needs, we have a 14-day returns policy that allows you to send back your bike for a refund excluding the shipping price.

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