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Folding electric bikes are great for commuters who optimize for easiness to transport and store. They are light, agile and easy to ride.

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Electric Folding Bikes

Electric folding bikes combine the convenience of a classic electric city bike with the portability and flexibility of a non-powered folding bike. The result is a lightweight vehicle that is easy to ride, agile, and easy to store and transport, making it the ideal choice for commuting, getting to and from the train station or simply enjoying a weekend away from home. A selection of the best folding electric bike has been compiled to help you discover the models before you buy.

Upway carries a selection of top-quality refurbished and certified pre-owned foldable electric bikes of all types and sizes. Our certification process ensures riders enjoy new or like-new folding e-Bikes while reducing waste and e-waste, making it an eco-friendly purchase from ordering to delivery.

What is an Electric Folding Bike?

An electric folding bike is a specific type of bike equipped with an electric motor, a battery system, and a folding mechanism. It functions just like a standard electric city bike, with the added benefit of letting the rider fold it down into a more compact package for ease of storage and transportation.

Folding and unfolding these bikes is easy and takes only a few seconds, making them practical to carry or store in your vehicle and on public transportation, such as buses and trains. They are also relatively lightweight, with the weight of most models falling between 30 and 60 lbs.

Benefits of an Electric Folding Bike

Although electric folding bikes are typically smaller than full-sized, purpose-built electric bikes, they remain highly efficient and practical for many applications.

Fits Where Other Bikes Don’t

A full-sized bike can sometimes be cumbersome, and finding a place to store it when you’re not using it can be a hassle. With an electric folding bike, you don’t need to worry about finding a bike rack or a dedicated indoor storage space. When folded, these bikes can fit inside a small storage closet, under a workstation, in the trunk of your car and in many other spaces that would not normally be large enough for a traditional bike.

Compact Design

Besides the folding mechanism, electric folding bikes also feature slimmer and more compact designs than their full-sized counterparts. These designs allow riders to easily cycle through cities and urban areas, navigating obstacles, traffic and crowds with more agility. Even when unfolded, foldable electric bikes fit where other models might not.

Higher Security

Bike theft is a threat in any urban area, and an electric bike can be an especially desirable target for potential thieves due to its higher resale value. If bike theft is a significant problem in your area, an electric folding bike is an ideal solution for you. Instead of taking chances with an outdoor bike rack and a lock, you can simply fold your bike and take it wherever you go. 

Whether you prefer to store your foldable electric bike in a more secure area or keep it at your side, the folding mechanism can bring you peace of mind and the reassurance it will remain in your possession.

Cuts Down on Commute Time

Electric folding bikes, like all e-Bikes, can let you travel from point A to point B at speeds up to 20 mph, much faster than any traditional bicycle. If you like cycling to work, these speeds make it a faster alternative to a regular bike and a more eco-friendly choice than a motor vehicle.

Features to Look for in an Electric Folding Bike

While all foldable electric bikes offer similar features, you’ll want to check the specifications and ensure they fit your needs.

Folding system

Knowing how the bike folds and its dimensions when folded are two of the most critical factors when choosing any electric folding bike. Check whether your chosen model offers additional conveniences, such as folding pedals or a user-friendly folding mechanism.


While folding e-Bikes are typically lighter than full-sized models, ensure you can lift and carry your bike when folded. Check the model’s weight and ensure it isn’t too heavy.

Battery capacity

The capacity of your folding electric bike’s battery determines how many miles you can use it between charges. Bigger batteries have better ranges but are also heavier. Choose a model that provides enough range to cover your daily trips between charges while checking that it isn’t too heavy.


Compatibility with electric bike accessories can make a significant difference when using your foldable electric bike daily. Check whether your model can accept baskets and bags, child seats, or bike light sets.

Shop High-Quality Certified Folding e-Bikes at Upway

Before we make our e-Bikes available for sale, Upway’s skilled technicians ensure that each folding electric bike passes our thorough inspection process. All foldable electric bikes available at Upway are covered by our 1-year limited product warranty and a 14-day free return policy. 

Shopping at Upway is an opportunity to save up to 60% of a brand-new model’s recommended retail price. We offer these conveniences to ensure all our customers have access to quality, eco-friendly products at an affordable price.