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Rad Power Electric Bike: 5 Reasons to Buy

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Rad Power Bikes is one of the oldest and most well-known manufacturers of modern electric bikes. Since its inception in 2007, Rad Power Bikes has sold over 600,000 e-bikes as of August 2023 and the company continues to grow. It is one of the largest e-bike brands in the United States and globally. Upway is proud to offer a selection of new and certified pre-owned Rad electric bikes for sale

Explore the journey of Rad Power Bikes in the market and discover why a Rad e-bike should be your next purchase.

The Origin Story of Rad Power Bikes

Before becoming an e-bike company that sells hundreds of thousands of e-bikes, Rad Power Bikes started as the brainchild of one young man. Mike Radenbaugh, the founder and first CEO of the company, was a teenager residing in Northern California when he conceptualized the idea of building electric bikes.

An enthusiastic tinkerer, he worked on old bicycles, electronic components and reclaimed batteries in his parents’ garage. At just 15 years old, Radenbaugh created his first electric bike by modifying a regular bicycle, which he fondly referred to as the “Frankenbike.” The Frankenbike was capable of reaching speeds up to 35 mph, allowing Radenbaugh to effortlessly handle the hilly 15-mile journey to school. 

Following this initial success, Radenbaugh continued to build e-bikes, naming his venture Rad Power Bikes, a moniker inspired by his mother. He earned the nickname “e-bike guy” in his local community. Throughout the years, Radenbaugh showcased his converted e-bikes at various local fairs and exhibitions, gradually building a reputation via word-of-mouth.

Eventually, he partnered with Ty Collins, a childhood friend, to officially crowdsource the development of the first version of RadRover. The two launched an IndieGogo campaign to fund the project, asking for $40,000.

However, the crowdfunding page raised over $320,000, more than eight times their fundraising goal. The RadRover was successfully launched, starting the journey of Rad Power Bikes as an e-bike manufacturer. Today, Rad offers six product families encompassing dozens of different models, ensuring there is a Rad electric bike for all kinds of riders.

The Top Five Reasons You Should Consider a Rad Power E-Bike

Exploring the world of electric bikes often leads to the question, “Which is the best electric bike for me?” Rad Power E-Bikes, known for their innovative design, versatility and affordability, are a strong contender in this search. 

By understanding the unique features of Rad Power Bikes, you can determine how they align with your specific needs, helping you make a more informed and tailored purchasing decision.

The Top Five Reasons You Should Consider a Rad Power E-Bike

Exploring the world of electric bikes often leads to the question, “Which is the best electric bike for me?” Rad Power E-Bikes, known for their innovative design, versatility and affordability, are a strong contender in this search. 

By understanding the unique features of Rad Power Bikes, you can determine how they align with your specific needs, helping you make a more informed and tailored purchasing decision.

They Are Affordable

The decision to purchase an electric bike, whether new or used, represents a substantial investment for many. Balancing the acquisition of essential features without exceeding your budget can be challenging, particularly when you require a high-performance e-bike or one with a high-capacity battery.

Rad Power Bikes are often one of the top choices for budget-conscious riders. While Rad e-bikes vary in price depending on the product family, model and year, the brand is known for offering affordable e-bikes. 

Most models on Rad Power Bikes’s current lineup have a suggested retail price of $2,000 or less. These prices are significantly lower than the competition, which can sometimes reach prices over $3,000 new. 

Shopping for used items can lead to finding high-quality, dependable Rad bikes at even lower prices. Many certified pre-owned e-bikes are available for hundreds of dollars less than their MSRP, offering an opportunity to find an excellent deal.

Wide Variety of Models 

No matter what type of rider you are, there is a Rad Power Bike for you. The e-bike manufacturer currently boasts six model families, each tailored to suit various riders and their unique needs. The available product lines are as follows:


The Rad Power RadRover e-bike family was the company’s first product line and remains the flagship model. RadRover e-bikes are fat-tire, multi-purpose electric bikes with a high-durability frame, lightweight materials and affordable pricing. They are suitable for nearly any rider and can be safely ridden on almost any terrain, from the city to the trail.

Following the successful crowdfunding of the original RadRover, now known as the RadRover 1, Rad Power Bikes continued iterating upon the original design, introducing higher battery capacity and newer technologies. The latest version is the RadRover 6, available in two versions: a standard high-step model and a step-thru frame for easier mounting and dismounting. 

All RadRover 6 e-bikes feature a 750-watt electric motor, a high-capacity 672 Wh battery pack, fat all-terrain Kenda tires and a maximum cargo capacity of 275 lbs.


The RadCity product line is Rad Power’s family of city-going electric bikes. RadCity e-bikes are available in a wide range of sizes for riders of different heights, each in two frame versions: standard high-step frame and comfortable step-thru frame.

The latest generation of the RadCity e-bike is the RadCity 5. These electric bikes have the features needed to handle city streets daily, including a durable front suspension fork, puncture-resistant road tires and an included rear cargo rack. 

Like the RadRover, RadCity e-bikes can support up to 275 lbs., making it ideal for transporting groceries, a laptop case, a pet or even a small child.


Are you looking for an agile yet practical utility electric bike that can help you transport more than the average city commuter? Rad Power Bikes developed the RadRunner specifically to suit your needs.

The RadRunner is best described as a utility e-bike that bridges the gap between a standard city e-bike yet isn’t as large as a full-sized cargo e-bike. It combines RadPower’s powerful 750-watt electric motor and trademark lightweight aluminum materials with a high-strength frame. 

Although RadRunner e-bikes come standard with a large rear rack for cargo, you can modify it further with a front rack for extra carrying capacity. The latest version of the RadRunner, the RadRunner 3, can support up to 350 lbs. of payload, rider included.


Folding electric bikes are ideal for commuting to and from work or going on casual rides away from home. However, they rarely handle trail and off-road conditions, whereas standard electric mountain bikes aren’t as easy to transport. 

The Rad Power RadExpand e-bikes are the bridge between both concepts. These innovative folding e-bikes come with rugged, all-terrain fat tires that handle nearly any road surface. The Rad Expand is ready for off-roading adventures, from smooth asphalt roads to rocky terrain. However, like all folding e-bikes, you can collapse in and make it fit neatly into any compact space, such as inside a tent or an RV. 

Despite being folding e-bikes, Rad Power Bikes did not compromise on their performance. RadExpand e-bikes feature the same 750-watt motor and 672 Wh battery as its larger RadRover and RadRunner counterparts. In other words, you can expect similar acceleration power and maximum range, making Rad folding e-bikes no less capable than other models in the manufacturer’s catalog.


While RadWagon e-bikes are Rad Power’s family of cargo electric bikes, they approach the concept of cargo transportation differently than most other manufacturers. A typical cargo e-bike comes pre-fitted with large baskets or cargo containers, intending them primarily for businesses.

The RadWagon is designed differently. It features an extended wheelbase, custom puncture-resistant tires and a long cargo rack. While the RadWagon may seem like an elongated city e-bike, you can customize the cargo rack with various accessories to fit your needs. For example, you can fit two child seats to transport the kids or install large baskets and cargo panniers to carry bulky objects.


The RadTrike is a three-wheeled electric bike. It combines Rad Power’s expertise with e-bike technology with the stability and accessibility of a trike, making it one of the easiest-riding electric bikes on the market. 

The three-wheeled design allows the RadTrike to support higher payloads than even RadPower’s city e-bikes, with a maximum rating of 415 lbs. It has a comfortable seat, configurable pedal assist and a 450 Wh battery pack that can power your ride for up to 55 miles.

They Are Customizable

RadPower electric bikes are compatible with a wide range of accessories. Most models are compatible with storage and transportation accessories, such as baskets, bags, cargo straps, netting, bins and panniers. If they’re not enough, you can install hard-shell locking boxes or attach a small trailer, letting you easily pull loads.

The rear racks on RadCity and RadExpand e-bikes are also designed to support extra seating and passenger bars. These bikes can accommodate standard passenger seats, child seats and even waterproof canopies, ensuring your children stay dry in the rain.

Safety is a top priority with Rad Power e-bikes, equipped with an array of security devices and accessories to enhance visibility. Most models are compatible with high-power headlights, reflective strips, rear-view mirrors and various wheel locks, cables and chains, offering robust protection against theft.

There is a Large Support Network

Ensuring your e-bike is well-maintained is crucial for prolonging the lifespan of your Rad e-bike. There are numerous resources available for this purpose, including official maintenance guides and Rad Power owners’ communities.

Manufacturer support: Rad Power Bikes’s official customer support portal is a comprehensive online collection of help resources. It contains e-bike safety guidelines, adjustment recommendations, maintenance tips, troubleshooting guides and contact information. If you need help with a Rad e-bike, consult this portal first to check if your issue is common and has manufacturer-recommended steps to fix it.

Vendor support: If you purchased your new or used Rad Power e-bike from a specialized retailer such as Upway, you can also contact them for support and customer service.

Third-party communities: A third-party community is a forum or social media group made by and intended for Rad Power e-bike owners. They are one of the best solutions if you need further assistance with your e-bike, want recommendations or simply wish to find like-minded riders to share tips.

They Are Fun to Ride

Apart from their practicality, affordability and diverse model range, Rad Power Bikes are globally celebrated for their enjoyable riding experience. No matter the model or product family, reviewers and news outlets that tried a Rad Power electric bike have praised it for how fun it makes the ride.

E-bikes serve various practical functions, like daily commuting, exercise, transporting groceries or bags, weekend excursions or exploring new areas. Rad Power e-bikes are designed to remind users that an electric bike isn’t solely a practical tool or an eco-friendly statement. They also transform each journey into a delightful experience, encouraging you to leave the car behind and better appreciate the outdoors.

The variety of Rad Power e-bike models doesn’t simply ensure there is a model for every riding activity. It also makes sure that riders of different heights, experience levels and riding needs can find a Rad e-bike that suits them, boosting accessibility and keeping them on the e-bike longer.

Find a Rad Power E-Bike at Upway Today

Find a Rad Power E-Bike at Upway Today

Rad Power Bikes is one of the pioneers of the modern e-bike market, with over 15 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of models sold. Each currently available Rad Power e-bike is the result of years of iteration and improvements, ensuring riders get more value, better features and enhanced technologies with each model.

Are you shopping for affordable e-bikes for sale? Visit Upway today and browse our catalog of Rad Power electric bikes. We carry a selection of new and certified pre-owned Rad Power Bikes suitable for all riders and budgets. 

All our pre-owned e-bikes have passed our stringent quality control protocols, ensuring they are Upway Certified for the road. Our certification process includes a complete inspection of the mechanical and electronic systems. Our team conducts all necessary repairs and parts replacements to bring pre-owned e-bikes to “like new” condition, ensuring you purchase a durable product with little wear and tear.

Purchased the wrong model for your needs? Changed your mind? No problem. Upway offers a 14-day refund policy, letting you return an e-bike and shop for a new one. Contact us to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and start the return process.

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