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Rad Power Electric Bikes

With over 550,000 riders across the globe, and more jumping in the saddle every day, Rad Power Bikes is committed to creating industry-leading electric bikes. Their electric bikes have won more awards than any other brand from Electric Bike Review.

Rad Power Electric Bikes

Rad Power Bikes is a Seattle-based company founded in 2007. Today, it is the largest e-bike brand in the United States and North America, offering quality electric bikes to biking enthusiasts for an affordable price.

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History of Rad Power Bikes

In 2007, Rad Power Bikes was started as a garage project by Mike Radenbaugh during his teenage years. He retrofitted home-designed battery packs and electric motor systems to regular bicycles to convert them into e-bikes. With the help of crowdsourced funding, the company officially established itself to release its first e-bike product for sale on the market - the first-generation RadRover.

The RadRover was the company’s first fat-tire electric bike and was a commercial success. It resulted in the creation of new product lines, such as the RadWagon fat-tire cargo e-bike, the RadMini folding e-bike, and the RadCity commuter e-bike.

Today, Rad Power Bikes claims over 550,000 e-bikes sold worldwide, with most of its original product lines still in production. Each successive new generation brings its own changes and improvements to Rad’s electric bike families, ensuring e-bike enthusiasts continue benefiting from the latest e-bike technologies and advancements year after year.

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While Rad electric bikes are primarily known for their fat-tire models, the company produces a diverse range of e-bikes capable of satisfying the needs of any electric bike enthusiast. Discover some of the most popular Rad e-bike models currently available at Upway.

Rad Power RadMini 4

The RadMini 4 is Rad Power Bikes’ fourth-generation RadMini folding e-bike. This folding hybrid e-bike features fat tires and a fast, easy-to-use folding mechanism.

Electric bike enthusiasts appreciate the RadMini 4 for its versatility and convenience. While its intended purpose is cruising on city streets and roads, the RadMini’s 20” CST fat tires feature versatile, all-terrain treads. These tires let you ride your RadMini through more challenging terrain, such as dirt and gravel paths, damaged asphalt, and rocky areas.

The RadMini 4’s battery pack features a capacity of 750 Watt-hours. It is rated to power the 80 Nm electric motor for up to 45 miles on a full charge, ensuring you have plenty of energy for commuting, weekend rides, or off-road fun. 

Assist features include both pedal-assist and an all-electric throttle mode. When powered using the throttle only, the rear-mounted motor can propel riders at up to 20 mph.

Rad Power RadCity Plus 5 High-Step

RadCity electric bikes are Rad Power Bike’s award-winning family of dedicated city commuter models. The RadCity Plus 5 is a premium-grade model designed to make daily rides as comfortable and effortless as possible. 

The High-Step version features a standard high-step frame reminiscent of the type used in standard non-powered bikes. The manufacturer recommends this model for riders between 5’4” and 6’5”.

While the RadCity Plus 5 High Step is ideal for daily riding or commuting to and from work, this e-bike aims to be as versatile as possible for dedicated e-bike riders. This model has a rear-mounted rack and a front rack with a combined maximum carry weight of 275 lbs., enabling it to double as a cargo e-bike.  

All RadCity Plus 5 e-bikes come with fully adjustable handlebars, a comfortable upright seat, a 750 W, 58 Nm electric motor, and a custom RadPower 672 Wh battery pack rated to provide up to 50 miles of range.

Rad Power RadCity Plus 5 Step-Thru

The RadCity Plus 5 Step-Thru is another variant of the premium-grade RadCity Plus 5 family of commuter e-bikes.

This version of the RadCity features a step-through frame, eliminating the top-mounted frame bar and helping make mounting and dismounting even easier. Due to the differences in frame design, the manufacturer recommends this model for riders between 4’8” and 6’0” tall.

Aside from a different frame style, the Step-Thru version of the RadCity Plus 5 e-bike has the same features as other e-bikes of the same product family. 

Essential features include multipurpose 27.5” wheels, hydraulic disk brakes, a Microshift Mezzu 7-speed gearbox, and a rear-mounted 750 Watt electric motor. When fully charged, the 675 Wh battery can propel the rider at up to 20 mph with an estimated range of up to 50 miles.

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As one of the most popular e-bike brands in the United States, many electric bike enthusiasts are familiar with Rad Power Bikes. The company has a reputation for producing quality e-bikes and using premium materials and components.

If you’re ready to find your next Rad electric bike, shop our certified pre-owned selection. Buying a Rad electric bike from us comes with the guarantee of purchasing a new or like-new product that has been inspected and certified by our skilled technicians 

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