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Protecting your e-bike

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Overview of our protection options

Our standard 1-year limited warranty

At Upway, each e-Bike comes with a limited 1-year warranty that covers mechanical and electrical defects for one year after your bike is delivered. 

Our team will help you remotely, point you to a bike shop near you, or repair your electric bike from our workshop. Our warranty excludes misuse or normal wear and tear (such as drivetrain wearing, chain stretching or tire issues, brake pad replacement…).

with our partnersand

Enhance your e-Bike experience with our comprehensive protection plan and insurance

We have joined forces with our partners Extend and Sundays Insurance to offer comprehensive coverage beyond our standard 1-year warranty.

Elevate your peace of mind to get full protection for the duration you need against defects, damage, theft, loss and more. Ride confidently, knowing you're covered on all fronts!

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If you aren't sure about which plan is right for you, our team will be happy to help. Contact us via email on, call us on (516) 469-7562, or simply chat with us.

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Founded by cyclists, for cyclists, Sundays Insurance has a deep-rooted understanding of the cycling community. To help you understand the exceptional value they offer, below is a comparison table showcasing how Sundays stands up against other insurance providers.

what level of coverage do I need?

If you would like to protect your e-Bike against future mechanical and electrical defects outside of our standard 1-year warranty, then you can select an extended-coverage plan from Extend upon adding the bike to your cart.

Concerned about theft or accidental/malicious damage? Get a quote from Sundays Insurance after adding the bike to your cart. You can customize the policy you need, whether you're a weekend warrior or a daily commuter.

Frequently asked questions

What is Extend?

Upway has partnered with Extend to offer our customers additional product protection for their bike. Extend provides enhanced protection as a service and is used by industry-leading bike brands. Extend allows customers to purchase product protection on their bike from Upway that is longer and has additional coverage than the included warranty.

What are the differences between Upway's warranty and Extend Product Protection?

You can purchase an Extend plan for 1, 2, or 3 years. Upway’s warranty is only active for 1 year. Extend’s coverage includes accidental damage (such as road hazards and crashes not including motor vehicles) starting on day one, as well as mechanical and electric failure after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

How do I purchase Extend Product Protection?

You can purchase an Extend plan on Upway's website when purchasing a bike. Upon purchase, you will be sent a confirmation email with your plan details.

Can I add an Extend plan at a later date? 

After purchasing your bike, you have a 30-day window to add Extend Product Protection. After this period, you will no longer be able to purchase an Extend plan.

How much does an Extend plan cost?

The plan price is calculated based on the cost of the bike you’re purchasing, as well as the selected term length.

Do I contact Upway or Extend?

If you experience accidental damage at any point, contact Extend. If you’ve experienced mechanical or electric failure within the first year, contact Upway. After, Extend can help through the duration of your Extend plan term length.

How do I file a claim with Extend?

Simply contact Extend online 24/7 or by phone at (877) 248-7707. Most issues are resolved in minutes and after approval, Extend will direct you to the closest service vendor to get your problem fixed. If the problem can’t be resolved, you will receive a refund for the amount you initially paid for your bike.

Should I purchase a separate insurance policy if my bicycle is covered under my homeowners or renters insurance?

While your homeowners & renters insurance may provide some coverage for your bike, they usually have low limits on coverage for sporting equipment (like electric bikes). Low limits mean that your e-Bike might only be covered for a limited amount. Along with this, their policies rarely provide any coverage if you have an accident or if your bike is stolen away from home.

To find out how well your e-Bike is covered under your homeowners & renters policy, here are some questions you can ask your current insurer: do you cover electric bikes? Do you cover for theft away from home? Are there coverage limits on the policy?

Can family members ride my bicycle and still be covered?

Yes, Sunday’s bicycle insurance coverage includes your spouse, any children over 18 years old, or a partner you’ve lived with for two years or more, as long as they are listed on the policy as additional policyholders.

Are my bicycle accessories covered?

You have the option to add accessories, such as a GPS computer, cycling-specific kit, or your helmet, to your policy up to a combined value of $1000. Additionally, you can add extra wheelsets up to the value of $5000. However, it's important to note that these accessories and wheelsets will only be covered if they are lost, damaged, or stolen along with your bicycle.

Do I need a specific lock to be covered in case of theft?

Yes. The currently approved Sundays locks include keyed U-locks, folding locks, and chain locks less than 2 years old at policy inception. See the full list of locks approved by Sundays here.