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Pedego e-bikes are simplicity itself. Their minimalist design has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Their vision is to have low price e-bike without compromises - ones that was fast, lightweight, and practical for everyday use.

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Pedego Electric Bikes

Founded in 2008, Pedego Electric Bikes is a California-based manufacturer of electric bikes with a focus on fun rides, colorful designs and a versatile range of models suitable for nearly any rider.

Whether you need a city commuter, a road-cruising e-bike or an all-terrain hill climber, Upway has the Pedego e-bike model for you. Browse our selection of certified pre-owned Pedego electric bikes today.

Pedego City Commuter Mid-Drive

The Pedego City Commuter is an open-frame electric bike designed to make riding through cities and urban landscapes as comfortable as possible. This urban e-bike pairs a unique frame style and a pair of 28” Schwalbe tires ideal for people between 5’6” and 6’1” in height.

Unlike most commuting e-bikes, this version of the Pedego City Commuter is a mid-drive model, meaning its electric motor is located in the center of its frame. Its low and central position lowers the bike’s center of gravity, making the City Commuter easy to handle. 

The motor can develop up to 749 W of power and 60 Nm of torque, propelling the rider at speeds of up to 20 mph with both pedal and throttle assist available. It is paired with a high-capacity 720 Wh battery, giving the City Commuter a maximum range of 60 miles.

While the Pedego City Commuter is an excellent choice for the work commute, its bike rack allows you to transport additional bags and supplies, making it the perfect e-bike for long-distance trips.

Pedego Comfort Cruiser

The Pedego Comfort Cruiser is a rear-hub e-bike with a step-through frame, a stylish design and everything a rider needs for a fun, relaxed ride. This middle-weight, medium-sized bike weighs only 57 pounds and is recommended for riders between 5’4” and 6’4”, making it an excellent fit for most people.

The Comfort Cruiser comes fitted with 26” Kenda Kwick Seven.5 tires. These versatile tires feature multipurpose textured treads, providing adequate grip on multiple surfaces: roads, sidewalks, dirt and grass.

The transmission is a Shimano Altus, a 7-speed gearbox with smooth shifting performance and high durability. It is also easy to maintain, ensuring the rider enjoys a smooth riding experience for a long time.

Pedego fitted this e-bike with a 630 Wh battery powering a 350 W electric motor with a maximum torque of 35 Nm. While the Comfort Cruiser’s top speed is 20 mph on the motor alone, you can use the pedal assist to ride faster if desired.

Pedego Trail Tracker

The best tool for trail and off-road biking enthusiasts is an e-bike that can tackle any surface and at any angle, such as the Pedego Trail Tracker.

This off-road Pedego e-bike features a highly durable aluminum alloy frame, chunky Chao Yang trail tires and a mountain bike Shimano Acera 7-speed gearbox with numbered gear counter mounted to the handlebars.

The Chao Yang 100-507 tires are 26” in diameter and feature tall, square treads and rigid construction, ensuring maximum performance in off-road environments. The Trail Tracker's tires won’t let you down whether you ride on asphalt, dirt, grass, gravel or rock.

The Trail Tracker’s electric motor is mounted to the rear wheel and can produce up to 749 W of power and 60 Nm of torque. Its integrated 672 Wh battery gives riders enough energy to last up to 56 miles, more than enough to take on any trail, dirt path, hill or rocky terrain. This e-bike also features a pedal and throttle assist, giving you the extra boost needed to get up the steepest inclines.

Pedego Interceptor Platinum Edition

The Interceptor Platinum Edition is a premium-grade Pedego electric bike manufactured using top-quality materials and packed with numerous convenient features. This e-bike is easily recognizable by its shiny platinum-colored finish on the frame and rims.

Pedego designed the Interceptor Platinum Edition as a top-quality city and beach cruising bike, providing riders with the highest comfort level. Features include a highly ergonomic riding position, an extra-soft seat and a rear-mounted cargo rack included in the package.

Take the Interceptor with you if you plan to ride off the street, like the beach or the park. Its 24” CST tires feature textured, triangular treads on the sides and a smoother surface along the center. This multi-purpose tread pattern makes it equally capable on flat asphalt roads and coarse surfaces such as dirt, sand and gravel. 

The Interceptor’s 749 W, 60 Nm electric motor is paired with a durable Shimano Deore 10-speed transmission and a high-capacity 720 Wh battery. These features offer riders a smooth and comfortable ride for up to 60 miles.

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Whether you prefer to ride on the road, at the beach or on the trail, Upway carries the certified pre-owned Pedego e-bikes you need. All our pre-owned Pedego e-bikes go through our stringent 5-step, 20-point inspection and certification process, ensuring they meet our safety and quality standards. We also offer a 1-year limited warranty covering the battery, motor and electronics.