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Momentum Electric Bikes

Momentum e-bikes are a brand that is quickly making a name for itself in the world of electric bicycles. Founded in Vancouver, Canada, Momentum is dedicated to creating high-quality, stylish e-bikes that offer an exceptional riding experience. Momentum e-bikes are designed with the latest technology and materials, including lightweight aluminum frames and powerful electric motors. Their advanced pedal-assist system provides smooth and reliable power assistance, making it easy to ride up hills or tackle long distances without breaking a sweat.

Momentum Electric Bikes

Momentum is designed for urban adventurers and offers a range of cutting-edge electric bicycles that seamlessly blend style, performance, and sustainability. Whether conquering busy city streets or exploring scenic routes, Momentum e-bikes provide a comfortable, eco-friendly ride.

At Upway, we carry certified pre-owned Momentum e-bikes, guaranteeing quality and reliability. With our 20-point inspection process and commitment to customer satisfaction, we help you start your cycling adventures with a used Momentum e-bike, knowing you’re getting a premium ride at a fraction of the cost.

The Momentum Brand

Momentum electric bikes are a relatively new name in the e-bike industry, focused on hybrid, electric, and commuter bikes for those with an active lifestyle. An offshoot of the popular Giant brand, these bikes are perfect for Millennial and Gen Z riders living in urban settings. The company offers three e-bike categories: utility, leisure and commuter models.  

Whether you’re a city dweller looking for a sleek and efficient commute or a high-energy spirit seeking a new way to exercise, Momentum has the perfect e-bike. Embrace the joy of riding and join the ever-growing community of Momentum enthusiasts.

Stand-Out Momentum E-Bikes Features

From powerful motors to reliable batteries, Momentum e-bikes are designed to take your riding experience to new heights. Impressive features that set Momentum apart from its competitors include:

Powerful SyncDrive Life Motor

The SyncDrive Life motor in Momentum e-bikes delivers seamless and efficient power assistance, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. They also feature Smart Assist technology with up to six sensors that help your bike calculate cadence, slope, speed and torque for powerful pedaling assistance. 

Reliable Shimano Transmission

Momentum e-bikes feature a dependable Shimano transmission for smooth and precise gear changes. Whether climbing hills or cruising on flat roads, the Shimano transmission provides a reliable shifting experience.

Long-lasting EnergyPak Batteries

Equipped with quick-charging and long-lasting EnergyPak batteries, Momentum e-bikes offer extended range and endurance for your rides. These batteries provide the power and capacity to explore for longer periods without worrying about running out of charge for uninterrupted adventures.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Tektro brakes with 160 mm rotors give the rider total control and stopping power in multiple conditions. This consistent braking performance ensures your safety during rides, allowing you to confidently navigate busy city streets, bike lanes or park paths. 

Grippy Tires

Momentum e-bikes come with high-volume tires that confidently handle different road surfaces. These high-grip tires provide excellent traction and stability, increasing your control and comfort, whether riding on smooth pavements or tackling rough terrains.

Models We Carry

At Upway, we carry several pre-owned Momentum e-bikes so you can find the model that meets your needs. Our current Momentum collection includes the following models: 

Momentum Transend E+ GTS

To experience the perfect blend of comfort and agility, choose the Momentum Transend E+ GTS. Designed for city streets and mountain trails, this versatile e-bike features a powerful SyncDrive Life motor and integrated 500 Wh EnergyPak for smooth and sustained assistance on any terrain. 

The sleek aluminum frame provides durability and elegance, while the Shimano hub drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes and plush saddle ensure a seamless and comfortable ride.

Momentum Voya E+ 3

For sleek and stylish daily commutes, the Momentum Voya E+ 3 is the ideal choice. Powered by a reliable 250 W rear hub motor and 250 Wh battery, it offers a consistent pedal assist for town journeys or leisurely rides. Its comfortable upright riding position and durable 700c wheels ensure a delightful, efficient and low-maintenance biking experience.

Momentum Vida E+ Mid-Step

If you're a city commuter seeking accessibility and versatility, the Momentum Vida E+ Mid-Step is perfect. Its low step frame design accommodates riders of various heights, ideally between 5’ 3” and 5’ 10”. 

The bike’s unique geometrical design allows riders of all levels to navigate confidently, and the internal gear hub ensures effortless daily rides with minimal maintenance. Available in dark blue and olive green

Momentum Transend E+

Enjoy a comfortable ride on the Momentum Transend E+, available in a whimsical sky-blue color. It seamlessly connects with the Giant app for easy navigation, fitness tracking, and support modes. With its closed frame type, hydraulic disk brakes, and 53 lb. weight, this e-bike is designed for city and leisure usage, offering a maximum speed of 28 mph.

Momentum Vida E+ Low-Step

The Momentum Vida E+ Low-Step line is an excellent choice for city commuters seeking convenience. Its low step frame design ensures accessibility for riders between 4’ 9” and 5’ 4”, making it an excellent option for shorter riders. 

This model reaches a max speed of 20 mph and has a Nexus drivetrain and 500 Wh battery, which should get you around 40 to 45 miles of travel in good conditions. 

Find Your Momentum E-Bike at Upway

At Upway, we carry a wide selection of high-quality Momentum electric bikes designed to elevate your riding experience. With a commitment to excellence, every e-bike that enters our inventory undergoes thorough inspection and refurbishment to meet our stringent standards.

Our certified technicians assess each component, conducting a comprehensive 20-point mechanical check before listing the e-bike on our platform. Our team goes the extra mile to restore these e-bikes to their initial condition and ensure like-new performance.

For added peace of mind, Upway provides a warranty on all our Momentum e-bikes, covering the battery, frame, motor and electronic components for a full year from the date of purchase. We also offer a flexible 14-day returns policy, allowing you to test your e-bike and ensure it exceeds your expectations.

Explore our collection of premium Momentum e-bikes and start on a journey that combines style, performance, and affordability.