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Electric Bikes from $1500 to $3000

Discover our selection of mid-range guaranteed electric bikes, shipped to your door with a 14-Day return policy.

Purchasing a certified used electric bike is a cost-efficient way to find the e-bike you need while minimizing waste and reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing new models. 

Upway’s selection of certified pre-owned products includes a wide range of the best electric bikes under $3,000. For this price, you can find numerous mid-range e-bike models for all applications, including electric road bikes, electric mountain bikes (eMTBs), electric city and hybrid models, and folding e-bikes.

Electric City/Hybrid Bikes Priced from $1,500 to $3,000

Electric city bikes, also known as hybrid e-bikes, are a category of electric bikes designed for daily use, such as commuting or running errands around town. They can traverse most terrains and offer standard, reliable performance. 

While electric city bikes and electric hybrid bikes are ideal for e-biking beginners, they are also suitable for enthusiasts who need a dependable daily-use e-bike. Most e-bikes in this category feature comfortable riding positions and are available in various frame sizes, fitting riders of any height and weight.

Our mid-range city and hybrid e-bikes include reputable brands, including Cannondale, Fuell, Gazelle, Haro, Momentum, Pedego, Specialized, and Yamaha.

If you are a beginner looking for your first city electric bike, consider models like the Gazelle Medeo T10 HMB. This model features a low-step frame, making mounting and dismounting easy. It has a long-lasting 500 Wh battery pack, ideal for long commute runs. The 10-speed Shimano gearbox provides the ideal range of gears to negotiate uphill streets and inclines in terrain without over-exerting yourself.

Riders looking for a mid-range electric hybrid bike to use as a reliable, long-lasting daily rider should consider models like the Fuell Flluid-1S. This performant city bike features sport 27.5” Pirelli tires with narrow treads, a 5-speed Shimano Nexus gearbox, a rear-mounted bike rack, and a high-performance mid-drive motor capable of producing up to 100 Nm of torque. 

The Flluid-1S can reach a top speed of 28 mph and comes with a high-capacity 1,008 Wh battery, letting you choose between fast riding or long-lasting power.

Electric Road Bikes for $1,500 to $3,000

We also carry quality mid-range road bikes made by the world’s most reputable manufacturers. While you can use a road e-bike as a daily commuter, electric road bikes are more performance-oriented than their city and hybrid equivalents. These e-bikes are most suitable for longer weekend rides or sightseeing adventures.

Most electric road bikes feature thinner tires with no grooves or shallow grooves, making them primarily suited for asphalt and light off-road applications, such as dirt and gravel. As performance-oriented e-bikes, they typically have more powerful motors and longer-lasting battery packs than city e-bikes.

Our selection of electric road bikes features models such as the Yamaha Urban Rush or the Yamaha Wabash. These electric bikes are made by renowned motorcycle and moped manufacturer Yamaha. Buying one of these certified used e-bikes from Upway guarantees you’ll get a quality product for an attainable price.

Electric Mount Bikes from $1,500 to $3,000

Electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) are the ideal electric bike platform for cyclists looking to take their riding experience entirely off-road. If you enjoy riding across all surface types, from asphalt roads to dirt trails, gravel paths, grass, and rocky terrain, the eMTB is the best solution.

Electric mountain bikes are performance-oriented models recognizable by their wider tires, knobbly tread patterns, and sturdy construction. The electric assistance systems allow riders to tackle the most challenging terrain or ride cross-country for extended periods.

If you want to enhance your mountain biking experience with an eMTB, Upway’s selection of models priced from $1,500 to $3,000 offers the best combination of affordable prices and convenient features.

We carry reliable, certified used eMTBs by the world’s top bicycle makers, such as Haro, Haibike, Giant, and Orbea. 

The Haibike Hardnine 5, a UL certified eMTB, features a 500 Wh battery, 29” WTB Ranger mountain tires, a quality Shimano 9-speed transmission, and a maximum engine torque of 65 Nm. These specifications are ideal for beginners to mountain biking and experienced riders alike, offering excellent handling, off-road performance, and a long-lasting battery.

Folding Electric Bikes Between $1,500 and $3,000

A folding electric bike is a convenient option for riders with smaller storage space at home or biking enthusiasts on the move. The folding capabilities allow you to bring your e-bike anywhere, making it possible to stow it in the back of your car or while riding on buses and trains. They typically weigh between 30 and 40 lbs., making them lighter than non-folding equivalents.

Upway carries a selection of mid-range folding e-bikes suitable for riders of all statures and experience levels. We carry certified used folding e-bikes by the world’s top manufacturers, including Dahon, Gocycle, and Surface.

Folding e-bike models like the Dahon K-One Mid Drive are ideal for riders needing a reliable, practical electric bike that can fold into a compact space. Commuters can use the folding mechanism to ride to and from work, folding it in a storage compartment in the office or at home when not in use. The K-One’s mid-drive motor configuration and unique frame size offer riders of almost any height a comfortable ride with balanced weight distribution.

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Upway’s certified 5-step inspection process ensures that no matter which used electric bik you choose, your item has been inspected, tested, and approved for use by one of our experts. Join the e-bike revolution at an affordable price with Upway.