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Are you a sporty cyclist and like challenges? The e-mountain bike is made for you. Pro Cyclists already know that mountain bikes are best suited for touring, trekking and cross-country cycling in hard-to-reach places, such as rough trails or in the mountains.

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Electric Mountain Bikes

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking to take your off-road adventures to the next level, electric mountain bikes (e-MTBs) combine the thrill of mountain biking with the convenience and power of electric motors. With an e-MTB, you can climb higher, ride further and easily tackle tougher terrain. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, electric mountain bikes are a game-changer, providing a new level of freedom and adventure.

Explore the range of e-MTBs at Upway and discover the ultimate off-road experience with our selection of the Top 10 electric mountain bikes. Upway carries a wide selection of certified mountain e-Bikes ideal for facing the challenges of any terrain, whether you are touring around town, trekking or cycling cross-country.

Benefits of a Mountain e-Bike

The primary difference between a classic mountain bike and a mountain e-Bike is an electric motor. A mountain e-Bike allows riders to combine their muscle power with the integrated motor for maximum performance, letting them cross country and clear rough terrain more easily. 

Some of the top benefits of a mountain e-Bike include:

More Power

Mountain biking is more demanding than other cycling styles. As a result, mountain electric bikes feature larger, more powerful motors to meet the more stringent demands of off-road biking. Specific models may even feature dual-motor setups.

Compared to a typical city e-Bike, which rarely exceeds 60 Newton-meters (Nm) of torque, mountain bikes frequently have more than 70 Nm, with specific models exceeding 90 Nm. The increased engine torque level allows you to reach higher speeds or clear steeper inclines safely. 

Longer-Lasting Batteries

Electric mountain bikes feature higher-capacity battery cells to ensure a longer and more comfortable riding experience, even when using your bike’s extra torque. 

Increased capacity is also necessary when performing hill climbs and other uphill rides, which are demanding on e-Bike batteries. As an additional benefit, the charging cycles of a quality mountain e-Bike are spread out over longer periods so that they won’t wear out too quickly and you’ll enjoy a longer overall bike lifespan.

Built for Ruggedness

Riding a bike across rough terrain regularly causes more wear and tear than casual rides through the city. Every component of an electric mountain bike’s construction and design is more durable, more resistant to abuse and rough handling and more comfortable than standard city bikes. 

These elements include stronger frames, full-suspension systems, quality saddles for enhanced comfort, higher-quality chains and pedals and even high-durability paint jobs. They are also compatible with various accessories to enhance your long-distance trail biking experience, such as headlights and taillights or bags and baskets for storing hiking and camping supplies.

e-Bike Brands We Carry

Upway carries a wide selection of mountain electric bikes for riders of all heights, builds and budgets. Some of the brands you’ll find when browsing our mountain e-Bikes include:

Niner e-Bikes

From its inception, Niner has been at the forefront of 29er innovation, pushing the boundaries of what these bikes can achieve across various disciplines, including cross-country, trail, and endurance mountain biking. Their commitment to this wheel size has helped to popularize 29-inch wheels throughout the mountain biking world, influencing the industry's shift towards larger wheel standards.

Bulls e-Bikes

Any mountain biking enthusiast will recognize the Bulls brand name. This German manufacturer is most well-known for their enthusiast and competition-oriented mountain bikes, combining ruggedness with high-capacity batteries for maximum performance.

Giant e-Bikes

Giant Bicycles is a Taiwanese company and the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer. They offer the widest selection of e-bikes, including a comprehensive selection of electric mountain bikes.

Haibike e-Bikes

Haibike is a pioneering German e-bike maker specializing in mountain bikes. Haibike is most well-known among cycling enthusiasts for making the world’s first fully off-road capable electric bike, the eQ XDURO. Today, Haibike continues manufacturing high-quality mountain e-bikes for enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

Orbea e-Bikes

Headquartered in Spain, Orbea is one of the world’s oldest cycling manufacturers, offering multiple lines of classic and electric bikes for all budgets. Orbea’s electric bikes are renowned for their build quality and natural feel, similar to their traditional counterparts.

Specialized e-Bikes

Specialized Bicycle Components is a Californian manufacturer with nearly 50 years of experience producing quality bikes. The company makes its own motors and drivetrains for its electric bike ranges, ensuring mountain bike riders benefit from their years of research and development.

Yamaha e-Bikes

Yamaha is among the oldest and most trusted e-bike manufacturers. The Japanese company released its first electric bike model in 1993. Today, Yamaha currently manufactures more than 300,000 units per year.

Why You Can Trust Upway

Our thorough inspection process ensures a professional mechanic inspects, repairs and certifies every electric mountain bike we carry is in new or like-new condition, ensuring you get the highest quality bike for your needs and budget.

Additionally, we offer a 1-year warranty on all certified e-bike products, including our e-MTBs. Every critical component is covered by the warranty, including the electric motor, battery system, frame and electronics.

Find Your Perfect Mountain e-Bike at Upway

Whether you need an electric mountain bike for trail and off-road riding or simply enjoy the extra comfort and durability they offer over standard city bikes, Upway has the selection of e-MTBs you need. All our refurbished mountain bikes are available for up to 60% less than the recommended retail price of new models, making them affordable electric bikes. Shop Upway today and find the perfect mountain e-bike for your needs and budget.