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An electric road bike offers you great sporting outings with the support of electric assistance to accompany your ascents and extend the distances travelled. With Upway, find a certified electric road bike at a low price, guaranteed for one year and shipped to your door! A good way to find an affordable electric bike.

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Electric Road Bikes

An electric road bike is an e-Bike optimized for road cycling. Because they are designed for speed and efficiency, they often feature a lightweight frame, drop handlebars and narrow tires, making them highly aerodynamic. Unlike other e-bikes, e-road bikes are designed for longer rides and higher speeds with a pedal-assist system that can help riders reach speeds up to 28 mph in select models.

If you are in the market for a high-quality road e-Bike, Upway has an extensive selection of refurbished performance road bikes from a range of trusted brands for an eco-friendly, affordable way to travel. 

Features of an Electric Road Bike

Whether you need an electric road bike for a leisurely weekend ride or a longer adventure, there are several crucial features to look for, including: 

Lightweight frame

The frame is typically made from materials like carbon fiber or aluminum which helps reduce weight and improve maneuverability, making these bikes ideal for road cycling and long-distance rides.

Narrow tires

E-road bike tires are designed for smooth surfaces like asphalt or concrete, so they have a shallower tread than off-road models. The tires are often kept at a higher pressure than other e-Bikes for greater efficiency. This allows for faster speeds and easier handling.

Pedal-assist system

The pedal-assist system on a road bike is typically designed for longer distances rather than off-road adventures and offers a more natural and comfortable ride than traditional e-Bikes.

Battery and motor

The battery and motors are usually smaller, lighter and less powerful than those on off-road e-Bikes. This means they can be easily removed or swapped for longer rides. They also often have a mid-drive motor, which provides power directly to the bike’s chain, allowing the rider to use the bike's gears more efficiently.

Hydraulic disc brakes

These allow for more precise stopping power.

Integrated lights and displays

These convenient features ensure riders are highly visible to other vehicles on the road, even in low-light conditions. 

Electric Road Bikes vs. Other Types of Electric Bikes

Electric road bikes differ from other types of electric bikes, such as electric mountain bikes or folding e-Bikes, in their design and intended use. Electric road bikes are designed specifically for paved roads and offer a streamlined, lightweight frame for maximum speed and efficiency. They typically have narrower tires, lighter frames and drop handlebars for an aerodynamic riding position.

Compared to other types of e-bikes, electric road bikes are preferable for those who prioritize speed and performance over comfort and versatility. Road e-bikes can travel longer distances on a single charge and reach higher speeds than other types of e-bikes. They are also ideal for those who want to commute or exercise on paved roads without worrying about the challenges of off-road or urban cycling.

Uses for Electric Road Bikes

An electric road bike is a versatile and practical mode of transportation that serves various purposes. A road e-Bike offers an efficient and eco-friendly way for commuters to travel to work, cutting down on both time and transportation costs. 

Road electric bikes allow fitness enthusiasts to easily tackle challenging terrain and steep inclines for longer and more intense workouts. For those looking for a fun and eco-conscious way to explore the outdoors, an electric road bike provides an exciting and sustainable alternative to traditional bikes or cars.

With a road e-bike, you can get a bit of exercise while doing everyday activities like:  

  1. Commuting to work or school
  2. Riding to the park or beach
  3. Exploring local trails and nature reserves
  4. Taking a scenic road trip
  5. Going on a date or meet up with friends
  6. Visiting nearby towns and attractions

    Our Selection of Electric Road Bikes

    At Upway, we carry top-quality electric road bikes with various features and functionalities to meet your needs. We offer popular e-bike brands and models like Yamaha, Giant, BMC and Specialized. Our models have a battery capacity between 300W and 500W and engine torque between 50 Nm and 70 Nm, giving you plenty of power to go longer distances.

    You can also find road e-bikes with top speeds of 20mph to 28 mph, priced between $2,000 and $7,000, so you can find the e-bike that fits your budget. 

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