Pedego Electric Bikes: Where Innovation Meets Mobility

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Pedego Electric Bikes, with over 15 years in the industry, is among the most established electric bike manufacturers in the United States. They are recognized for their innovative design, cutting-edge technologies and user-friendly e-bikes, catering to a wide range of cycling preferences.

Learn everything you need to know about Pedego Electric Bikes and how they stand out in the e-bike market. Then shop for Pedego electric bikes at Upway and find the perfect model for your cycling adventures, whether gliding through urban streets or tackling rugged mountain trails.

The History of Pedego Electric Bikes

Before Pedego was officially established, the seeds of its creation were already being sown. Co-founder Don DiCostanzo, an avid electric bike enthusiast and seasoned entrepreneur, had been nurturing the concept of designing his own e-bikes well before the company’s inception.

In 2006, DiCostanzo launched an electric bike shop in Newport Beach, CA, located in the southern region of the greater Los Angeles area. Despite his extensive background in the oil and automotive sectors, the motivation behind opening what would eventually evolve into the inaugural Pedego retail outlet was driven by a simpler factor: convenience.

DiCostanzo’s passion for electric bikes originated from his need for transportation that could effortlessly handle steep uphill commutes back home, providing an alternative to using a car.

Initially, the Newport Beach store offered e-bikes for sale from various manufacturers, functioning like a typical e-bike retailer. Over time, however, DiCostanzo became disillusioned with the existing electric bike market, feeling that the average e-bike at the time lacked the quality, style and appeal he sought.

In 2008, DiCostanzo partnered with his childhood friend Terry Sherry, aiming to fill a void in the market. Leveraging DiCostanzo’s business acumen and Sherry’s extensive technical knowledge of bicycles, they collaboratively created their first electric bikes.

From Retailer to Manufacturer

Don DiConstanzo and Terry Sherry transformed Pedego from an e-bike retailer into a manufacturing brand. The Pedego store began offering its own products alongside other models.

One of the first Pedego e-bikes ever produced was the original Pedego Cruiser, a lightweight, electric bike with a classic look and feel. It was designed for city streets and beach cruising, ideal for riding in and around Newport Beach. 

The initial model was well-received by local customers, enabling the company to dedicate itself to producing and selling its line of products. Over time, the original Pedego Cruiser evolved, undergoing updates and enhancements and became a distinct e-bike family in its own right.

Presently, Pedego stands as one of the most established American manufacturers of contemporary e-bikes, offering a range of product lines to meet the varied requirements of every rider.

Overview of Pedego Electric Bike Models

Pedego e-bikes are available in a wide range of models grouped into various product families. They include city commuters, hybrid cruisers, electric mountain bikes (eMTBs), cargo e-bikes, folding e-bikes and even trikes and tandem models.

Pedego Cruiser and Interceptor

The Cruiser and the Interceptor are two original Pedego electric bikes for sale. Initially launched during the brand’s foray into e-bike manufacturing, these models have undergone significant enhancements and refinements to ensure an exceptionally smooth riding experience. Designed as hybrid cruisers, they provide comfortable navigation on both asphalt and beach sand.

Some of the premium features you can expect to find on each Pedego model include:

- Pedego Cruiser: The Cruiser is the original model, blending the looks of a traditional city-commuting bicycle with the convenience of an electric motor and battery. The current version of the Pedego Comfort Cruiser, comes standard with 24” Kenda all-terrain tires, a 7-speed Shimano Acera gearbox, a 350 W electric motor and a 378 Wh battery pack. 

This bike allows you to travel up to 32 miles in any of its 5 pedal assist modes, offering versatility to ride in almost any location. The Cruiser also has an integral rear rack where you can install baskets for transporting bags, luggage or groceries.

- Pedego Interceptor: The Interceptor was designed after the Cruiser and can be considered its high-performance version of the original. Although both models share a similar design, the Interceptor has a more powerful 749 W electric motor and a 52 V battery pack with a 546 Wh capacity. These specifications give it an estimated maximum range of about 46 miles.

While the Interceptor offers the same pedal assist modes as the Cruiser, it features high-durability 24” Schwalbe Big Ben tires, blending a comfortable ride with long-lasting performance.

Pedego Electric Mountain Bikes: Element, Elevate and Trail Tracker

Electric bike riders looking for adventure need a rugged, durable electric mountain bike (eMTB) that will take them where they need to go. They must be capable of handling any surface, from winding trails to the rockiest hills, without losing performance.

Pedego’s off-road offerings, including the Element, Trail Tracker and Elevate models, are specifically designed to address these requirements, catering to a variety of riders and terrains.

Here’s what you can expect from Pedego’s selection of off-road bicycles:

- Pedego Trail Tracker: The Trail Tracker is Pedego’s standard fat-tire e-bike. It is a versatile model capable of handling all terrains and riding surfaces. While it is not strictly intended for mountain e-biking, its 4” wide Kenda off-roading tires and 350 W electric motor allow you to confidently ride any trail or gravel road.

- Pedego Element: The Pedego Element is a high-powered version of the Trail Tracker, designed to elevate the off-road biking experience. It retains the hallmark 4” fat off-road tires known for their exceptional traction and stability on diverse terrains, from rugged trails to sandy paths. However, the Element steps up the game with its more potent 500 W motor, which provides ample power and torque, making it ideal for tackling challenging inclines and ensuring a smooth ride on rough terrain.

Additionally, the Element is equipped with a higher-capacity battery pack, a crucial feature for longer trail rides without frequent recharges. The powerful motor and a larger battery make the Pedego Element a top choice for enthusiasts who want a reliable electric bike for adventurous trail biking and navigating steep inclines.

- Pedego Elevate: The Pedego Elevate is a premium-grade eMTB for dedicated mountain biking enthusiasts. Underneath its classic MTB looks and aggressive riding position is a complete range of features for high-intensity competition biking. The Elevate features high-performance Maxxis tires, an electric motor capable of producing up to 85 Nm of torque, Shimano XT disc brakes and an aircraft-grade aluminum frame to keep its overall weight as low as possible.

Pedego Specialty E-Bikes: Tandem, Stretch, Trike and Latch

In addition to traditional electric models, Pedego produces various e-bike models with unique designs for more specialized applications.

- Pedego Tandem: The Tandem is one of the only electric tandem bikes on the market, featuring an elongated frame, two seats and two pedal sets. It offers the same practicality and fun riding opportunities as a traditional tandem bike but with electric assistance. 

The Tandem is a Class 2 e-bike, meaning the lead rider can also access a throttle. It can supplement or replace two riders’ pedaling with extra power for riding up the steepest hills and inclines.

- Pedego Stretch: The Stretch is Pedego’s cargo electric bike series. While it follows the same overall design aesthetic as the city-going models, it is recognizable by its rear wheel shield, multiple racks and basket mounting points. 

Whether you need to transport groceries, bags, luggage, packages or children, the Stretch is designed to carry up to 400 lbs. without losing power. This makes it an ideal option as a fleet bike for delivery companies or as an eco-friendly vehicle for quick trips to the store or taking the kids to school.

- Pedego Trike: If you want a ride that offers maximum comfort and stability, consider using an electric trike instead of a standard two-wheeled model. The Pedego Trike combines a three-wheeled design with an elongated frame, a comfortable seat and an integrated rear storage container for cargo transportation. The Trike’s battery pack can provide either pedal assistance or a boost with the throttle at speeds of up to 10 mph, trading some top speed for extra stability.

- Pedego Latch: Folding electric bikes are some of the most practical e-bikes available and Pedego’s Latch is no exception. The latest iteration of this model, the Latch V2, offers riders a 500 W electric motor, up to 46 miles of range on the standard 546 Wh battery pack and an overall weight of just 56 lbs. 

The folding mechanism lets you fold or deploy the Latch in less than 30 seconds, so it is always ready to go. Once you’ve reached your destination and folded it, it fits inside a rectangle of just 31” by 26.75”, making it exceptionally compact and easy to store in car trunks, closets or under your desk at work.

Pedego Boomerang Low-Step Electric Bikes

Traditional bicycles or e-bikes typically feature a top tube or strut along the frame’s center, providing strength and rigidity. Low-step e-bikes, also known as step-through e-bikes, are a class of electric bikes where the frame has no top tube but features a stronger seat and bottom element. 

Low-step e-bikes are favored by riders who find riding on a traditionally designed model uncomfortable. It makes mounting and dismounting easier because the rider can pass their legs through the frame instead of having to swing one leg over it.

The Pedego Boomerang is the company’s line of low-step electric bikes. Its key feature is a uniquely designed curved frame, leaving no obstruction for the rider’s legs. The entire frame is made of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy with reinforcing elements in the rear for the battery pack and extra cargo. These materials help ensure the Boomerang is highly durable.

Like many other Pedego e-bikes, the Boomerang is categorized as a Class 2 electric bike. It can provide riders with multiple levels of pedal assistance or a throttle-activated electric boost, making it as convenient as it is accessible. The Boomerang’s top speed on electric assistance is 20 mph, although you can pedal harder to achieve higher speeds.

Pedego Avenue City E-Bike

According to Pedego’s Chief Product Officer Paul Auclair, the Pedego Avenue is a city electric bike designed to meet four objectives. It needed to be fast, lightweight, practical for everyday riding and low-cost. 

The Avenue is one of the newest models in Pedego’s catalog. Released in 2022, this city e-bike is the culmination of over 10 years of research and development. It is available with a standard or step-through frame. All components are designed with longevity and convenience, including disc brakes, a 7-speed Shimano transmission and a fully adjustable handlebar. The Avenue is fitted out of the factory with 28” CST Zeppelin road tires, engineered to maximize comfort and reduce road noise.

Although both the standard and step-through versions integrate the battery into the frame’s bottom tube, the range is not an issue for the Pedego Avenue. The standard 48 V battery pack has a capacity of 499 Wh and is rated to provide electric assistance for up to 42 miles. You can also get it fitted with an optional high-capacity 672 Wh battery pack, extending the maximum range to 56 miles.

Shop New and Used Pedego Electric Bikes at Upway

Since its inception, Pedego has consistently led with innovative technologies and advancements in the electric bike industry. From the classic Pedego Cruiser to the cutting-edge Avenue, their collection has an innovative e-bike to match every rider’s needs and preferences. 

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Our partnership with Pedego also ensures that our processes are approved and certified by the company and provides us access to OEM spare parts. 

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