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How to Keep Your E-Bike Safe from Theft!

Black Electric Bike Chain Locked to Railing

According to research by 529 Garage, bicycle theft costs approximately $1 billion annually, and less than 5% of stolen bikes are returned to their owners. As electric bikes become more popular, so does the need to protect them from theft. 

Investing in an e-bike involves not only a financial commitment but also an emotional attachment to a valuable mode of transportation. Take the following proactive measures to deter potential thieves, safeguard your e-bike, and ensure its longevity.

Choose a Secure Lock 

When it comes to protecting your e-bike from theft, selecting the right bike lock is critical. With numerous options available, choosing a lock that provides maximum security is essential. To select the lock that is right for you, consider factors such as:

Lock type

U-locks and heavy-duty chain locks are the most reliable options for e-bike security. U-locks, made of hardened steel, offer excellent resistance against cutting and leverage attacks. Chain locks with thick, durable links provide flexibility and can be wrapped around various bike components and fixed objects.

Material and construction

Opt for locks made of high-quality materials, such as hardened steel or alloys, as they offer superior strength and durability.

Size and weight

While larger locks tend to be more secure, they can be cumbersome to carry. Strike a balance between security and practicality, ensuring the lock is effective and manageable for your daily needs.


While cost is an important consideration, prioritize security over affordability. Investing in a high-quality lock may protect your e-bike more efficiently from theft and save you from the resulting frustration and financial loss.

Affordable electric bikes are an excellent and highly efficient means of transportation. However, they are still a substantial investment. Do not buy a cheap lock to save money, as they can be defeated with simple tools and in less time. A good lock can better protect your investment while costing less than a replacement e-bike.

Invest in a GPS Tracking Device

GPS trackers are powerful tools for e-bike theft prevention and recovery. These compact devices, equipped with location-tracking technology, can increase the security of your e-bike.

Installing a GPS tracker on your e-bike lets you monitor its location in real-time through a compatible mobile app or web-based platform. Companies like VanMoof and Aventon Electric Bikes have invested in apps to help riders increase bike security and overall experience. This feature allows you to quickly identify the whereabouts of your e-bike if missing or stolen, enabling prompt action and potentially helping in its recovery.

GPS trackers vary in terms of features, battery life, and subscription plans. Some trackers rely on cellular networks to transmit location data, while others use satellite technology. When selecting a GPS tracker, consider factors like coverage, battery longevity, and associated costs.

Park in Secure Locations

Choosing secure parking locations is crucial to prevent e-bike theft. By selecting a well-protected and monitored area, you reduce the risk of your e-bike being targeted.

Find an area with proper lighting and ensure your e-bike is in a visible location instead of a remote or secluded corner. The more foot traffic around your parking spot, the less likely a thief will attempt to steal it due to the higher risk of being seen or identified.

If possible, find an area with adequate physical security. Good examples include indoor parking spaces with security cameras, lockable bike racks, security guards, and other features that protect your e-bike from thieves. Indoor areas can also protect against weather conditions, making it ideal for keeping an expensive Specialized electric bike safe. 

Another way to keep your e-bike secure is to take advantage of its design and features to make it more challenging to steal. For example, if you have a foldable electric bike, you may find it easier to secure your bike by folding it and bringing it wherever you go.

Use Visible Theft Deterrents

In addition to securing your e-bike with locks and choosing secure parking locations, employing visible theft deterrents can further discourage potential thieves. These deterrents serve as visual cues that your e-bike is protected and increase the perceived risk for thieves.

Alarm systems

These systems are equipped with sensors that trigger a loud alarm if someone attempts to tamper with or move your e-bike. The sudden noise draws attention and alerts you and others nearby, deterring thieves from continuing their theft attempts.

Bells or horns

Equipping your e-bike with a loud bell or horn can startle and draw attention to any suspicious activity. Thieves prefer to operate discreetly, and the sudden noise may cause them to abandon their theft attempt and flee the scene.

Stickers or decals

These stickers can indicate that your e-bike is protected or registered with a security system. Thieves are more likely to avoid bikes with visible markings as they increase the risk of being identified or apprehended.

Download Anti-Theft Apps

Technology offers innovative solutions to combat theft, including anti-theft apps designed specifically to protect your e-bike. In some cases, brands like Yamaha electric bikes offer specific apps that help protect your bike and enrich your riding experience. Some of the options these apps offer include:

Real-time tracking

Anti-theft apps such as FIT E-Bike Tracker use GPS tracking to provide real-time location updates for your e-bike. Installing the app on your smartphone and connecting it to your e-bike allows you to monitor its location at any given time. This feature lets you quickly identify if your e-bike has been moved without your consent and track its movements.

Geofencing and alerts

 Geofencing allows you to set virtual boundaries or safe zones for your e-bike. If your e-bike crosses these pre-defined boundaries, you receive an instant alert on your smartphone. This feature helps prevent theft by providing proactive notifications when your e-bike is being tampered with or moved.

Remote locking and alarm

Some anti-theft apps like Bosch’s eBike Flow can communicate with smart bike locks to enable remote control features. They allow you to lock or deactivate your e-bike remotely. This can be useful if you notice suspicious activity or unauthorized access to your e-bike.

Bike registration

Many anti-theft apps provide registration functionalities to store essential information about your e-bike, such as its serial number, make, and model. The data offers proof of ownership and can help recovery efforts by assisting law enforcement in identifying and returning your stolen e-bike. Some manufacturers also provide bike recovery services through their bike registration system. A well-known example is VanMoof, which dispatches a recovery team known as the Bike Hunters if a registered e-bike is marked by its owner as stolen.

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