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At Upway, we guarantee you the absolute best value on your next e-Bike purchase. If you see the same e-Bike at a better price, you will receive a refund for the difference, plus $49.

Our Price Match Guarantee

Upway stands by its promise to deliver unparalleled value on every refurbished e-Bike purchase. Our confidence is backed by the quality of our bikes and the assurance we provide. 

Should you come across an identical e-Bike—matched in condition, colour and size, and accompanied by a comparable 12-month limited warranty—at a lower price on any other official US-based website within 15 days after receiving your e-Bike or before buying your e-Bike at Upway, we will not only refund the price difference but also add a $49 bonus.

FAQs: Price Match Guarantee

What is Upway's Price Match Guarantee?

We guarantee the best value on your next e-Bike purchase. If you find the same e-Bike at a lower price elsewhere, we'll refund you the difference, plus an additional $49.
What conditions must be met for the Price Match Guarantee?
The e-Bike must be in the same condition, colour and size, and come with an equivalent 12-month limited warranty. The price comparison must be with products sold by a registered and official business to US-based customers, including delivery costs and sales tax.

Are there any exclusions to the Price Match Guarantee?

Yes, it's limited to one reimbursement per year, per person.

What does "comparison price" mean?

It means the total price of the e-Bike, including delivery costs and the applicable sales tax rate for the delivery address.

How do I claim the Price Match Guarantee?

If you find an eligible lower price, contact us via helpdesk@upway.shop with the details. After verification, we'll process your refund for the difference plus $49.