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Tern Electric Bikes

Tern is a brand of Folding and Cargo electric bikes of American origin and assembled in Taiwan, with a strong commitment to sustainability and impact. Created in 2011, Tern offers a wide range of models that adapt to different types of cyclists.

Tern HSD P9 Performance
Tern HSD P9 Performance
2022 5ft3" - 6ft2" 57mi

$3,699 $4,099 new

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Tern Electric Bikes

Tern specializes in Folding and Cargo electric bikes, built for quality that is lightweight, yet still sturdy. All of their bikes have an impressive amount of carrying capacity. 

Tern: Lightweight, but mighty.

Upway is proud to recommend Tern, founded in 2011, on principles that are symbolized in the company’s name. The name Tern originates from the Arctic Tern a bird that holds the record for the longest annual migration at 71,000 kilometers. Like the Arctic Tern, Tern Bicycles creates bikes that are compact, lightweight, and durable allowing for these bikes to endure years of biking in various terrains. 

As a brand, Tern truly 'walks the talk' of sustainability, and they are constantly seeking ways to minimize the environmental footprint of their manufacturing processes. That’s why they donate at least 1% of their net profits to social and environmental causes each year through a Give Back Program.

Thanks to Upway, you get quality from Tern at a reasonable price and save between 20 and 60% when buying an electric bike! Enjoy an eBike that defies expectations for what a bike can do.

How to choose your Tern Electric Bike:

Tern offers various models of their Folding and Cargo electric bike lines to suit your needs, mostly differentiated by size and carrying capacity.

Tern's best seller is the Tern Quick Haul, a built-to-last compact electric bike that’s ready to tackle your daily grind. Think of it as the multitool of e-bikes: small and unassuming enough to be your daily go-to, yet capable of handling big jobs with finesse. The Quick Haul features an extra-long rear rack with a 50-kg (110 lb) capacity, so you can do a lot more—from hauling groceries to giving your kid a lift to school. It's equipped with the Bosch Active Line Plus or Bosch Performance Line motor system, for an excellent ride and quality you can count on.

For something more compact, consider the Vektron a best-in-class electric bike that folds in 10 seconds to go on trains, in cars, and under desks. Shorten distances and flatten the hills on your commute, or put a couple of Vektrons in the trunk of your car on your next trip, so you can explore further. The Bosch-equipped Vektron can take you up to 25km/h (20 mph in the U.S.), maintaining its excellent performance while delivering a quiet ride with less pedal resistance.

Lastly, if you want something big and powerful, that could literally replace your car, take no look further than the Tern GSD, with a 440 lb Max Gross Vehicle Weight. It’ll let you carry two kids plus groceries, or a whole lot of cargo—but it’s the same length as a regular bike. Built-in dual-battery technology lets you ride all day, while space-saving features like FlatFold and Vertical Parking make the GSD incredibly easy to own and use. All GSD models now feature the best-in-class Bosch Cargo Line motor, which provides up to 85 Nm of torque for a smooth, natural-feeling ride, and 400% support to tackle serious hills.