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Created in 2009, the Swiss brand Stromer offers high-end speed bikes with an inimitable design.

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Stromer Electric Bikes

Stromer is a Swiss electric bike manufacturer founded in 2009. The company has specialized in rear-hub electric bikes since its inception, focusing on integrating technology and connectivity into its products. 

Stromer electric bikes are also well-known for the company’s independently developed battery systems. High-capacity Stromer e-bike batteries can reach up to 1,440 Wh of capacity, giving them a maximum range of approximately 160 miles. They also have numerous connectivity features, such as an integrated touch display and wireless connection to your smartphone.

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Stromer ST1 Sport

The Stromer ST1 is the Swiss e-bike maker’s first model line. Stromer produced two versions: the Comfort model, primarily designed as a city commuter, and the Sport model, an all-rounder, multipurpose electric bike.

The ST1 Sport is a closed-frame electric bike with a Cyro Drive II 500 W electric motor developing 35 Nm of torque. It draws power from a high-capacity 814 Wh battery, giving it a maximum range of up to 90 miles. Like all Stromer e-bikes, the Cyro Drive II is mounted to the back wheel, delivering power through a Microshift Advent 9-speed transmission to the rear hub.

While its 27.5” Vee radial tires are primarily intended for the road, they will provide adequate grip on other surfaces, such as light dirt or trail applications. Behind the seat is a rear-mounted rack, making the ST1 Sport ready to transport up to 50 lbs. of cargo, such as luggage or groceries.

Other convenient features include an integrated Stromer daylight and a horn, helping you remain visible to other road users when riding in city traffic.

Stromer ST2 Comfort

The Stromer ST2 Comfort combines practicality and fun into a city commuting electric bike, ensuring riders get a fast yet comfortable ride. With a medium step-through frame and classic appearance, the Stromer ST2 accommodates riders between 5’5” and 5’10” in height. It has a front and rear fender and a large rear-mounted basket for transporting cargo for city commuting, grocery runs, or weekend trips.

The ST2 Comfort features the same 814 Wh battery as the ST1 Sport, giving it the same maximum range of 90 miles. However, the ST2 Comfort comes with a high-performance Cyro Drive IG motor of up to 750 W and 450 Nm. This performant motor can propel the e-bike at speeds of up to 28 mph.

Although the ST2 Comfort is fast, it includes many features to keep the ride smooth and comfortable. The ST2 Comfort comes standard with a soft seat, 27.5” Vee radial tires, and an ergonomic seating position, letting the rider relax and enjoy the ride no matter where they go.

Stromer ST5 Sport

The award-winning ST5 Sport is one of Stromer’s flagship models, packed with some of the latest technological features to improve the riding experience. This electric bike received the 2021 ABC Best of Best award from the German Design Council for some of its innovative features.

The ST5 Sport features a sleek and athletic design in a sporty, performance-oriented frame geometry. Its Stromer Syno Sport electric motor provides riders maximum performance at all times, with a maximum output of 650 W and 48 Nm and a top speed of 28 mph. The extra-high-capacity battery pack is rated at 983 Wh, giving it a maximum range of over 110 miles.

One of the ST5 Sport’s award-winning features is its braking system. Both wheels are equipped with ventilated disc brakes and a fully integrated Blubrake anti-lock braking system (ABS), similar to those found in cars and motorbikes. They provide the ST5 with unrivaled braking power, making it a high-performance e-bike that will start and stop precisely when you need it to.

The ST5 Sport features a performance-oriented Shimano XTR 11-speed transmission, one of the lightest e-bike transmissions on the market. The tires are 27.5” Pirelli CYCL-E ST, a rigid tire model designed to provide maximum performance on roads and other flat surfaces.

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