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SONDORS Electric Bikes

SONDORS is a self-described premium electric transportation company, whose products are built radical design and total commitment to creating a more sustainable future. SONDORS aims to provide quality at an affordable price, offering All-Terrain, Foldable, and e-Mountain Bikes amongst others. 

SONDORS Electric Bikes

SONDORS is a premium electric bike company founded by Storm SONDORS. SONDORS infuses each of its bikes with a maverick spirit of fun, creating a lineup of e-bikes that go beyond the ordinary, redefining everyday transportation.

In February 2015, SONDORS launched its flagship model, the SONDORS Original. It quickly gained global attention and became a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign. With a radical design philosophy and commitment to a more sustainable future, SONDORS electric bikes combine iconic style with unique characteristics that set the brand apart from the competition. 

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Types of Bikes SONDORS Manufactures

Whether you crave adventure, convenience, or a ride that stands out, SONDORS has a bike for everyone. SONDORS makes all-terrain, foldable, mountain and signature e-bikes: 

All-Terrain E-Bikes

If you love adventure and want to explore beyond regular roads and trails, SONDORS all-terrain e-bikes are a fantastic choice. These incredible bikes are built to go beyond limits, with the ability to tow things and the strength to climb hills, giving you the confidence to conquer rugged terrain easily. Popular models include the SONDORS X, SONDORS XS and SONDORS XL.

Foldable E-Bikes

SONDORS foldable e-bikes are the epitome of innovation for those who value convenience and versatility. Models like the SONDORS Fold X and SONDORS Smart Step redefine the way you move, offering unparalleled power and portability. They effortlessly adapt to your urban lifestyle by seamlessly folding into a compact size.

Mountain E-Bikes

SONDORS mountain e-bikes are designed to transform the world of mountain biking. They empower riders to conquer steep hills with exceptional performance. These powerful bikes, such as the SONDORS Rockstar and SONDORS MXS, come with motors that effortlessly handle uphill climbs, navigate rugged terrain and give you an adrenaline rush during thrilling descents.

Signature E-Bikes

For riders who want a different experience, SONDORS signature e-bikes are a perfect choice. Crafted with style and performance in mind, models like the SONDORS Cruiser and SONDORS MadMods are designed to stand out from the crowd and turn heads wherever you go. With their beautiful looks and top-notch performance, SONDORS signature e-bikes offer an extraordinary and enjoyable ride.

Popular SONDORS Models

SONDORS offers a range of e-bikes designed to cater to various preferences and riding styles. Popular SONDORS e-bike models include: 


Take your riding experience to new heights with the SONDORS LX. This premium mid-drive sport utility electric bike is designed to elevate your adventures. Equipped with SONDORS’ largest battery to date, the LX allows you to go the distance and explore as far as your imagination takes you. 

With its powerful 750 W motor, 7-speed gear with grip shifter and 21 amp hours of range-extending energy, the SONDORS LX opens up a world of possibilities.

SONDORS Smart Step

SONDORS Smart Step combines a premium design, technology and performance at an affordable price. With its easy step-through frame, the e-bike offers a comfortable and accessible ride for riders of all ages and abilities. 

It’s both fun and effortless to ride, allowing you to easily navigate city streets at up to 20 mph of speed. The foldable feature adds convenience to your life, enabling you to transport and store the bike hassle-free.


SONDORS Rockstar is SONDORS’ first-ever dual-suspension electric mountain bike. Designed for thrill-seekers and off-road enthusiasts, the e-bike is built to handle the most challenging terrains with ease. 

Its powerful 750 W mid-drive motor and intelligent torque limiting gear sensor provide the necessary torque to conquer steep inclines. The 48-volt battery ensures you have the endurance you need for long rides.


Elevate your style and comfort with the SONDORS Cruiser. This sophisticated e-bike turns every journey into a special occasion. With its custom-engineered frame and fork featuring integrated LED lighting, the SONDORS Cruiser stands out from the crowd, capturing attention wherever you go. 

The powerful motor provides almost 60 miles of range, ensuring effortless cruising through city streets, while the pedal assist gear sensor ensures effortless gear shifting even under heavy load.

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