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Electra Electric Bikes

Electra, a subsidiary of Trek, makes a wide variety of stylish electric cruisers designed for leisurely rides. A distinctive feature of Electra bikes that demonstrates their focus on comfort is their Flat-Foot Technology, which allows the rider to place both feet flat on the ground when at a stop. 

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Electra Electric Bikes

Electra offers a variety of cruiser electric bikes, mainly differentiated by their power output and design styles.

Electra: Comfort and style.

Upway is proud to recommend Electra, an American lifestyle brand that was born in the humble surf community of Leucadia, California. Electra, a subsidiary of Trek, produces electric bikes that are modeled after retro, classic cruiser bicycle designs and focused on comfort. Comfort is quite literally built into these cozy-looking bikes, which feature Electra's proprietary Flat Foot Tech, allowing you to rest your feet flat on the ground while fully seated. The geometry of the bikes are also well-designed, allowing you to sit upright and in a more comfortable position than that of many other brands. Lastly, Electra uses quality components from reputable suppliers such as Bosch and Schimano.

How to choose your Electra Electric Bike:

Electra offers various models of electric bikes, with different options for different levels of power and utility. 

One of their most popular models, the Cruiser Go is the quintessential Electra electric bike, an homage to an American classic but with an electric bike twist. Comfort and control paired with modern style and technology turn it into the ultimate riding experience. Pedal-assisted support and our patented Flat Foot Technology® make this single-speed e-bike an elevated classic.

For something more powerful, the GhostRider Go is a good pick, with a  hydroformed frame, ultra-gloss black and chrome polish finishes, and custom license plate seamlessly that combine retro style with modern electric bike technology. The Bosch Performance System and Shimano Nexus Inter 5-E hub provide reliable power, while the Vee Rubber Speedster 26" x 2.8" tires ensure a smooth ride.