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Since 1995, BULLS has stood for fun and adventurous cycling with the highest quality standards in almost every price range. It has been in the electric bicycle market since 2010, partnering with Bosch, with models ranging from eMTBs to eTouring, Ecommuting, and drop bar ebikes. We can consider Bulls as hybrid city bike manufacturers

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BULLS Electric Bikes

Since 1995, BULLS has been synonymous with fun and adventurous cycling, starting with exceptional quality cross-country and enduro mountain bikes. In 2009, BULLS partnered with Bosch to pioneer high-quality mid-drive motor electric bicycles, making them a leading e-bike brand in the US. 

From e-MTBs to drop bar models, BULLS e-bikes unlock new possibilities for riders of all backgrounds, allowing them to surpass their limits and enjoy more adventures on two wheels. BULLS focuses on value and creates premium e-bikes that provide exceptional performance and durability. 

Discover the ultimate fusion of innovation, performance, and quality with BULLS e-bikes with Upway. Whether you’re a city commuter, an avid adventurer, a fitness enthusiast or a leisure rider, we have the perfect BULLS e-bike model for you.

Why Buy a BULLS E-Bike?

The brand continually strives to introduce breakthroughs in cycling, setting new standards for the industry. BULLS incorporates the following technologies into its e-bike models, differentiating them from other brands in the industry: 

Twin Core Technology

BULLS e-bikes stand out with their unique Twin Core technology, developed in collaboration with BMZ. This innovation allows riders to double their battery capacity by adding a second battery (375 Wh each) to their EVO series e-bike. The combined capacity of 750 Wh allows riders to enjoy extended rides with improved power and increased range.

Digital Integrated Intelligence (DI2)

BULLS revolutionizes gear shifting by incorporating Shimano’s DI2 technology in its e-bikes. With DI2, changing gears becomes effortless and precise, thanks to the conveniently located shift buttons.

The system also features an automatic trimming front derailleur, easy installation and unmatched precision, ensuring smooth and reliable gear changes.

Thru Axle

BULLS e-bikes prioritize safety and performance by using thru-axle technology. This axle system increases stiffness and strength, resulting in a safer ride. Particularly beneficial for disc brakes, the thru-axle allows for easier and more precise wheel mounting and dismounting, ensuring optimal braking performance.

Telescope Seatpost Ready (T.S.R)

With the T.S.R system, BULLS e-bikes offer the convenience and versatility of a dropper seat post. Riders can remotely control the adjustable seat post from the handlebar, allowing for quick and effortless changes to their riding position. 

Whether tackling uphill climbs or descending steep trails, the T.S.R provides a seamless shift in the bike’s center of gravity, improving handling and control.


BULLS also integrates Boost technology in its e-bikes, which expands the rear axle by 6 mm and the front axle by 10 mm. This widened spacing optimizes the bracing angles of the spokes, resulting in a stronger and more rigid wheel. 

The advantages of Boost technology include improved power transfer, heightened stability, and increased efficiency, ultimately delivering a more enjoyable and rewarding riding experience.

BULLS E-Bike Models We Carry

Upway carries various premium used BULLS e-bikes that combine superior performance, versatility and style. Explore our current collection and find the perfect e-bike for your next adventure:

BULLS Sentinel

The BULLS Sentinel is a high-performance e-bike that redefines urban patrol. With a Bosch Performance Speed motor and a 400 Wh battery, this bike delivers sustained high-speed assistance for city navigation. Its durable aluminum frame and Shimano SLX drivetrain ensure reliability and efficiency, making it the ultimate urban riding companion.

BULLS Alpine Hawk Evo

With its reliable Fazua motor and compact 255 Wh battery, the BULLS Alpine Hawk Evo provides a smooth experience throughout your journey. The lightweight carbon frame improves maneuverability, allowing you to navigate easily, while the hydraulic disc brakes provide precise control on various terrains.

BULLS Urban Evo 10 Diamond

Powered by a Bosch Performance Line Speed motor and a substantial 500 Wh battery, the BULLS Urban Evo 10 Diamond e-bike ensures a dynamic riding experience. The Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain guarantees seamless gear shifting, while the hydraulic disc brakes offer responsive stopping power, providing a comfortable, high-performance and secure urban biking experience.

BULLS E-Stream Evo AM 2

The powerful Brose Drive S motor and high-capacity 750 Wh battery of BULLS E-Stream Evo AM 2 delivers impressive off-road performance. The lightweight aluminum frame and full suspension setup provide excellent agility and comfort, while the reliable 12-speed Shimano drivetrain ensures optimal power transfer and control on challenging trails.

BULLS Wild Flow Evo RS

Equipped with a formidable Fazua Evation motor and a 250 Wh battery, the BULLS Wild Flow Evo RS e-bike offers smooth assistance for uphill sprints. The responsive Magura hydraulic disc brakes ensure precise and powerful stopping performance, empowering you to push your limits confidently.

Find Certified Pre-Owned BULLS Electric Bikes at Upway

Browse our selection of certified pre-owned BULLS electric bikes at Upway, where you can find high-quality e-bikes at around 60% of the cost of new models. We prioritize quality assurance by putting each bike through a rigorous 20-point certification process conducted by our professional certified mechanics. 

This comprehensive inspection ensures every bike is in like-new condition and delivers outstanding performance. For your peace of mind, we also offer a comprehensive 1-year warranty, safeguarding your investment against potential battery, electric system or mechanical parts issues. 

Improve your riding experience today by exploring our collection of BULLS e-bikes to find a model that matches your cycling goals and budget.