Shipping explained

How does Upway ship your e-Bike?

Great question! When you order a bike with Upway, you have a few options, depending on your preference of both speed and assembly required.

Please note: All our options will require you to sign for your delivery.

parcel VS. freight

Parcel (85% Assembled)

This the most common way that retailers ship your bike! Your bike will be delivered 85% assembled (usually the pedals, handlebars, and front wheel are removed), so that the box will be small enough to fit through the parcel network.


Average Assembly Time Required: 20 minutes

Cost: $99

Time for Arrival: Approximately 1-5 business days

Our Carrier Partners: FedEx

Freight (99% Assembled)

Upway also offers the revolutionary option for you to receive your bike 99% assembled! Set up takes just 5 minutes with this option, so you can hit the ground instantly. However, because of this, the packaging is too large to go through standard consumer mail services and instead must go through freight shipping, which is traditionally a B2B service.


Average Assembly Time Required: 5 minutes


    - $149/$199 depending on your location

    - +$49 for Express speed

    - +$49 per additional bike if you purchase more than one

Time for Arrival:

    - Standard: 7-9 business days

    - Express: 2-6 business days

Our Carrier Partners: FedEx Freight, XPO, Seko