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Trek is an American bicycle brand whose motto is "innovation". Born in 1975, Trek was created to address a lack of American-manufactured, high-quality bicycles. 

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Trek Electric Bikes

Trek electric bikes are a remarkable blend of cutting-edge technology, impeccable design, and outstanding performance. These electric-assisted bikes are designed to offer the best of both worlds: the joy of cycling and the ease of electric propulsion. With Trek e-bikes, riders can enjoy longer, more challenging rides with less effort.

Upway offers a range of Trek e-bikes, catering to the needs of all types of riders. With Trek’s state-of-the-art design and our commitment to quality, riders can enjoy the ultimate cycling experience easily and conveniently. Whether for commuting or leisure, Upway has the perfect Trek e-bike for you.

The Trek E-Bike Brand

Trek is a well-known bicycle brand founded in 1976 by Dick Burke and Bevil Hogg in Waterloo, Wisconsin. The company started by producing high-quality steel touring frames but soon expanded to mountain, road and hybrid bikes. Today, Trek is one of the largest bicycle brands in the world, with a global presence and a reputation for producing some of the best bicycles in the industry.

Trek’s commitment to innovative technology is evident in their e-bikes, which use advanced motors and batteries to provide an effortless riding experience. They offer a wide range of options, from commuter bikes to mountain bikes and cargo bikes.

Trek also has a strong pledge to sustainability, with initiatives such as using recycled materials in their bikes, reducing their carbon footprint, and supporting cycling advocacy groups. Their focus on sustainability has earned them numerous awards.

What to Look for in a Trek E-Bike

When deciding on a Trek e-bike, you’ll want to consider a few features to ensure you pick a model that meets your needs. The following elements can help you narrow down your selection for the right Trek e-bike:


Look for a powerful and efficient motor that can provide enough assistance for your riding needs. For example, choose a model with at least 65 Nm of torque that is frame-mounted for extra stability and balance. 


Your bike’s battery capacity affects how far and long you can drive. Look for a Trek model with at least 500 Wh of battery capacity, which can generally get you between 20 to 100 miles on one charge, depending on the terrain.

Frame and suspension

A sturdy, well-designed frame can handle different topography and a suspension system that can absorb shocks and bumps for a comfortable ride.


A reliable and responsive hydraulic disk brake system that can provide safe and effective stopping power.


Features like lights, fenders, and racks can enhance your riding experience and make your e-bike more practical for commuting or touring.

Trek Models We Carry

Our current selection of Trek-brand e-bikes includes the Trek Super Commuter +7, a powerful and stylish e-bike designed for your daily city commute. Equipped with a Bosch Performance Line engine, this bike allows you to easily sustain speeds of up to 20 mph, making your commute faster and more efficient.

The sleek black color of the Super Commuter +7, combined with its 2017 model year, will ensure that you ride around the city in style. This model has been lightly used, with only 2,501 miles on the clock, and is in good condition, though it does have some external scratches.

The Super Commuter +7 is ideal for riders between 5 ft 5 in and 5 ft 10 in, with a seat tube of 51 cm and a weight of 51 lbs. The e-bike features a 500 Wh battery, providing ample power for your daily commute. The Bosch Performance Line engine in the frame provides 65 Nm of torque and offers pedal-assisted assistance.

The Super Commuter +7 has 27.5” wheels, Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires, and Shimano 10-speed transmission. The bike also features hydraulic disk brakes, offering reliable and responsive stopping power.

The Trek Super Commuter +7 is a high-performing and stylish e-bike that will make your daily city commute faster, more efficient, and more enjoyable. With its powerful engine, reliable components, and comfortable design, the Super Commuter +7 is the perfect choice for any urban rider.

Shop Certified Pre-Owned Trek E-Bikes at Upway

Upway is the ideal retailer for certified pre-owned Trek bikes. With a rigorous certification process, Upway ensures that each electric bicycle meets the highest quality and performance standards. 

We guarantee that every electric bike is in top-notch condition before selling. Each bike we receive is thoroughly inspected by our team of professional mechanics using a 5-step certification process. This includes a detailed 20-point inspection that checks for structural damage to the frame, mechanical components, drive system, and battery so we can make necessary repairs to return the bike to like-new condition. 

Whether you're a casual rider or a professional cyclist, Upway has a wide selection of Trek bikes that cater to all your cycling needs. Shop our Trek e-bikes today to find the right model for you.