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Raleigh Electric Bikes

Raleigh is a very old English bicycle brand that was founded in 1887 and was the first company in England to launch bicycles with electric pedal assistance.

Raleigh Electric Bikes

Raleigh, a renowned leader in the electric bike industry, offers a range of electric bikes to suit every rider’s preference and budget. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level city bike, a versatile cargo bike or a convenient folding bike, Raleigh has the perfect option for your cycling experience.

At Upway, we carry a variety of Raleigh electric bikes designed to provide an extra boost to your rides. From effortless commuting to exploring new trails, the Raleigh electric bikes in our collection combine performance, style and reliability.

The Raleigh Brand: A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Since its establishment in 1887 by Sir Frank Bowden, Raleigh has been a prominent name in the world of bicycles. With over a century of experience, Raleigh has built a reputation for producing high-quality mobility solutions. 

As a brand, Raleigh is committed to crafting functional bicycles that provide an enjoyable riding experience. Over the years, Raleigh has maintained its dedication to innovation and craftsmanship, ensuring that their electric bikes uphold the brand’s legacy of excellence. 

With a focus on creating bikes that are both reliable and stylish, Raleigh continues to be a trusted choice for cyclists worldwide.

Standard Raleigh E-Bike Features 

Raleigh electric bikes stand out in the market with their exceptional features and commitment to delivering a superior riding experience. Features that make Raleigh e-bikes special include:

Powerful Motor Performance

Raleigh uses the latest re-engineered Bosch e-bike motor systems known for their quiet and reliable operation. Models equipped with Active Line or Active Line Plus motors ensure efficient and effective rides, no matter your destination. 

These e-bikes have the combined power of advanced PowerPack or Power Tube options that offer 300 Wh to 500 Wh motor capacity. Other models, like the Raleigh Redux, use the impressive Brose S-Mag motor, adding versatility to the brand’s lineup.

Efficient Lithium-ion Batteries

Raleigh electric bikes are equipped with lightweight lithium-ion batteries, delivering a balance of power and weight. These batteries offer exceptional charge retention, losing only about 5% per month compared to NiMH and lead-acid batteries, which lose 20%. 

Thanks to their minimal memory effect, lithium-ion batteries can undergo multiple recharging cycles without a complete discharge. This means you can confidently ride without worrying about overcharging or experiencing a significant loss of performance.

Revolutionary Belt Drive

Raleigh electric bikes feature a belt drive system that streamlines your cycling experience, offering a clean, low-maintenance solution. Belt drive bikes use a toothed belt made from synthetic materials like polyurethane and carbon fiber. This technology improves durability, reduces maintenance requirements and operates virtually silently. 

Carbon belts don’t require oiling like traditional chains and can be kept running smoothly with a spray of water. With exceptional durability, belt drives outlast conventional chains, ensuring a reliable investment.

Raleigh E-Bikes We Carry

At Upway, we offer two exceptional Raleigh e-bikes that cater to the needs of different riders. Whether your cycling adventure requires navigating city traffic or embarking on leisurely weekend trails, we have the perfect option.

Raleigh Retroglide Royale 2.0 IE

The Raleigh Retroglide Royale 2.0 iE is a class 1 e-bike designed for daily commuting and leisure rides. The e-bike’s downtube-mounted battery and simple geometry ensure a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. With a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain and the powerful Bosch Active Line Plus motor, this bike delivers efficient performance across various terrains and weather conditions.

Equipped with a 500 Wh battery, the Retroglide Royale 2.0 IE provides ample power for your adventures, offering an estimated range of up to 63 miles. The Bosch Active Line Plus motor provides reliable assistance with a torque of 50 Nm, enabling effortless pedaling and enhanced riding efficiency. 

With Schwalbe Fat Frank tires, this e-bike ensures excellent traction and stability on different surfaces, improving your overall riding experience.

Raleigh Redux 

The Raleigh Redux is specifically designed to enhance your urban commuting experience, offering effortless speed and agility in city landscapes. Powered by a reliable 250 W Brose S-Mag motor and a long-lasting 496 Wh battery, this e-bike provides a smooth pedal assist, transforming your daily commutes and weekend rides into enjoyable journeys.

Featuring a robust aluminum frame, the Redux perfectly balances durability and a lightweight design. It provides stability and maneuverability, making it ideal for navigating busy streets and crowded urban environments. Equipped with powerful disc brakes, the Redux ensures reliable stopping power, adding extra safety to your rides.

Start Your Adventure With a Raleigh E-Bike

Start your adventure with a used Raleigh e-bike from Upway and experience the joy of sustainable transportation. Every Raleigh e-bike at Upway undergoes a meticulous 20-point inspection, thorough examination and mechanical and electrical refurbishment. This ensures our e-bikes meet the highest quality and performance standards for certified pre-owned items. 

We offer a comprehensive 1-year warranty on all used Raleigh e-bikes to provide peace of mind, protecting your investment. We understand the importance of finding the perfect e-bike for your needs, which is why Upway also provides a 14-day return policy on all e-bike purchases. 

Take a step towards more sustainable transportation by choosing a Raleigh e-bike from Upway. Browse our collection of premium used Raleigh e-bikes today and find the perfect ride to embark on your next adventure.