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Long range electric bike for endurance and efficiency

Discover unparalleled range and efficiency with cutting-edge e-bike technology. Experience the future of long-distance cycling today.

Unlock true freedom with a long-range e-Bike. These bikes can go well over 50 miles with pedal assist. They have a sleek design that prioritizes a massive range per charge. They pack the right blend of power and efficiency into lightweight frames that won't slow you down.

Imagine the comfortable ride experience of pedaling all day with a rear hub motor helping you along, without the fear of a dead battery. These extended-range models strike a balance of power and large battery packs to achieve astonishing riding speeds and memorable experiences.

These long-distance models come in many bike styles, from electric road bikes with a dual battery option that gets a solid blend of power and weight to e-Bikes with fat tires that can handle the most challenging terrains with substantial power. Everything about these bikes is designed with power in mind.

With our unbeatable prices, you can say goodbye to worrying about battery life or your bank account!

What Defines a Long Range e-Bike?

Most people define these as any electric bike that can with at least a 50-60 mile range, but many models can travel even father than that. 

Key Features of High-Endurance Electric Bikes

The best models strike a balance between battery size and motor efficiency while avoiding any extra weight in the e-Bike design process. Extensive range doesn't simply come from packing a more battery capacity into the bike. Notable features like a motor cutoff switch, multiple pedal assist modes, and efficient 750W motors all contribute to solid max range.

Battery Technology: The Heart of Long-Range e-Bikes

The electric bike battery provides energy to your electric bike's powerful motor. Without that exceptional power source, you wouldn't get nearly as substantial range. That internal battery made of lithium-ion cells provides ample power to keep you powered up all day long and creates excellent performance overall. Take a look at our dedicated article: How long do electric bike batteries last ?

Maximizing Your e-Bike's Range: Tips and Tricks

To get the best riding experience and maximum range, keep in mind that the more you pedal, the more range per charge you'll get.

Efficient Battery Usage for Longer Rides

If you have a good blend of power coming from your legs and your e-Bike motor, then you'll get the most extended range possible. Most bikes have different levels of pedal assist. If you use the lowest power mode, often called "eco mode," then you can travel longer distances than if you're constantly using max power mode. 

Most electric assist bike manufacturers list their bikes' ranges based on ideal conditions. To get the maximum range, keep power in mind as you try to pedal as much as possible.

Maintenance Tips for Optimal Performance

Experienced riders check their tire pressure before every ride. It's hard to make your bike perfect, but tire pressure is the easiest way to get a solid max range and efficient performance. The maximum pressure is always printed on the side of a bike's tire and will get you the most miles with pedal assist.

e-Biking for All: Long-Range Options for Every Rider

Haibike AllTrack Kids

The Haibike AllTrack Kids is an excellent choice for families and has tons of kid-friendly features. It has a Yamaha PW-TE mid-drive motor, a 30-mile max range, and a shimano derailleur for crisp shifting. This is the perfect introduction to trail riding for young riders on tough terrains. 

Haibike Lyke CF

The Haibike Lyke CF is a dual-suspension lightweight carbon fiber e-Bike with a Fazua Ride 60 250W drive unit, Fox air fork, Fox rear shock,  and 29-inch tires that can handle varied terrains with ease. 

Diverse Designs: Folding and Fat-Tire Options

Himiway Cobra

The Himiway Cobra is a dual suspension fat tire e-Bike with 80-miles of range on a single charge for a stable ride over rugged terrain. The hydraulic disc brakes, geared hub motor, and torque sensor further add to the smooth ride. 

Himiway Zebra

The Himiway Zebra is a fat tire electric bike with a max range of 80 miles. It has a 750W motor with130 Nm of torque, hydraulic brakes, integrated led lights, fork suspension for varied terrains, and a brake light round out this stellar package.

Lectric XPremium

The Lectric Xpremium is a folding e-Bike with a powerful mid-drive motor, 20-inch fat tires for a smooth ride, a dual battery option, suspension fork, and a max range of over 100 miles.

How To Find the Best Long Range e-Bike For You

There are a wide range of riders who can benefit from a long distance e-Bikes. Getting a bike with a range suitable for your needs is often the most practical option. You might not need the longest battery life span. 

We suggest you find the balance between battery size and ample power for your needs. Many bikes have an optional range extender battery, which creates the versatility of a longer max range without the added weight when you don't need it. 

Navigating City Streets and Rough Terrains

Lectric XP Step-Thru

The Lectric XP Step-Thru is a foldable e-Bike with a step-thru frame that's set up for urban riding but capable of more. The long-range option gets a max range of 65 miles, and the hub motor, taillight for safety, cargo rack, and on or off-road capability will give you a smooth ride, no matter your destination. The foldable design makes storing and transporting this in urban environments a cinch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which EV bike has the longest range?

The Optibike R22 Everest has a carbon fiber frame, a massive 3,260 KWh battery with a max range of 300 miles, and can climb Mount Everest on a single charge. This model has a dual crown air fork suspension and rear shock to handle any type of terrain. 

What is the best electric bike for long distance?

The best electric bike for long-distance is the bike you like to ride the most, but the Specialized Bikes Turbo Creo is one of the best. It has a range suitable for all-day adventures and the ability to add optional range extender batteries.  

What is the maximum distance for an electric bike?

Some electric bikes can get an impressive range of over 200 miles per charge. But that distance will continue to grow as lithium battery technology improves to create more efficient performance in the longest-range electric bikes.

What is the range of a 5000W electric bike?

5000W is a powerful motor, but that's not all that effects how far you'll go. Other factors include e-Bike battery performance, motor efficiency, motor inhibitors to save power, rider weight, bike weight, terrain capabilities, speed, and your style of riding.