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Originally from Copenhagen, the Christiania Bikes brand specializes in Danish-inspired cargo bikes, with an emphasis on secure storage and transport.

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Christiania Electric Bikes

Christiania provides a wide range of cargo bikes that can accommodate various kinds of loads, such as children/pets, business goods, or even the elderly.


Christiania: The Original Family Cargo Bike since 1972.

Upway is proud to recommend Christiania bikes, a family and small business-oriented cargo bike company, founded in 1972. These electric cargo bikes are must-haves in Denmark and alone represent more than 50 years of know-how. In 2010, Christiania received the Klassikerprisen from the Danish Design Centre for the brands’ outstanding Danish design.

A distinguishing feature of the brand is their emphasis on high-volume and utilitarian storage, offering models such as the Classic Long, which can transport as many as six children at once! Christiania also incorporates their commitment to sustainability and quality in their cargo-centered line. Most of their components are sourced locally, such as their steel frames, or their wood, which comes from FSC-certified (environmentally friendly) European forests.

Thanks to Upway, you get quality from Christiania at a reasonable price and save between 20 and 60% when buying an e-bike! Christiania’s electric bikes are sustainable, high quality, and well-designed so you can feel comfortable transporting anything from groceries to the elderly! 

How to choose your Christiania electric bike

Christiania offers various kinds of cargo bikes to adapt to your transportation needs. There are different models for transporting multiple children, wheelchair users, and general cargo.

If you are looking to get around with a large family, the Christiania Bikes Family Long model is ideal. This cargo bike is powered by its brushless rear hub motor and is equipped with a removable 620 W battery. Its robust wooden trailer can accommodate up to 6 children!

For something more compact, the Christiania Bikes Classic Short model allows you to travel with 2 children and some luggage. It is very maneuverable and has a rear hub motor with a torque of 54 Nm. Its battery (located in the luggage rack) has a capacity of 562 Wh. Its hydraulic disc brakes ensure effective and safe braking, even if you are carrying a heavy load.

Lastly, we also recommend the Christiania Classic Pro Event, which features a large cargo box with 11 cubic feet of storage. Originally developed for the Danish Postal service in the late 1980's, the Classic Pro Event has evolved into the perfect business or organization bike. Configurable in many ways, it can be used for many purposes, such as ice cream stands, coffee carts, bakeries, hot dog stands, restaurant pop-ups, etc.