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Addmotor Electric Bikes

Addmotor story began in 2011 in El Monte, California. Born with the mission of designing and manufacturing the top-quality electric bikes for everyone and they are among the firsts to receive a UL safety certification for their battery pack.

Addmotor Electric Bikes

Although Addmotor is a relatively new player in the cycling industry, this California-based company specializes exclusively in electric bikes. 

Buying an Addmotor electric bike from Upway is buying a quality product designed by and for enthusiasts of electric-assisted cycling. We carry a selection of professionally refurbished and certified pre-owned Addmotor electric bikes you can use for virtually any ride, from city streets to rugged forest trails.

All About Addmotor 

Addmotor was founded in 2011 in El Monte, California. Unlike many other electric bike manufacturers, who tend to manufacture both e-bikes and traditional non-motorized bikes, Addmotor exclusively manufactures multiple ranges of electric cycling products, including electric bikes, tricycles, and mopeds.

Although the company is relatively young compared to most of its competitors, Addmotor is responsible for numerous technological innovations and world firsts. These achievements include the first electric trike with a semi-recumbent backrest, the Addmotor M360, released in 2017.

Addmotor also develops innovative bike battery technology. In 2022, they released the world’s first Underwriter Laboratories (UL) verified 48-volt, 20Ah battery pack, guaranteeing a safer ride and longer range on its lines of electric bikes and trikes.

Popular Addmotor Electric Bikes

If you are in the market for a new electric bike, Addmotor produces multiple product lines designed to meet the needs of any rider. Some of the most popular Addmotor e-bike models include:

Addmotor Motan

The Motan family of all-terrain electric bikes is well-known among e-bike enthusiasts for their fat tires, prioritizing maximum comfort and easy riding regardless of the terrain. Most Motan e-bikes are equipped with high-comfort Motan tires, with a tire width of 4 inches.

Models in the Motan family include the M-550 P7, M-560 P7, M-5500 All-Terrain Electric Mountain Bike, M-430 Cruiser, M-60 R7, and M-50 Step-Thru.

Addmotor Cargo

If you’re looking for an easy-riding electric cargo bike, the Cargo series is an excellent choice. They combine the ruggedness of a traditional cargo bike with the convenience of an electric bike. 

With an Addmotor Cargo-series e-bike such as the Garootan M-81, you can easily transport up to 350 lbs. of cargo, including baskets, bags, or even a young child on a designated child seat at speeds of up to 28 mph.

Addmotor Citypro

The Citypro series is a collection of Addmotor electric bikes designed for city riding and commuting. They are designed to be as simple to operate and maintain as possible while also offering long-lasting battery power. The UL-verified 960Wh battery pack guarantees a minimum of 125 miles per charge, giving you plenty of power for the whole week.

Current-production Citypro bikes include the E-43 and E-53, which are nearly identical aside from the frame design. The E-43 features a step-through frame, while the E-53 has a standard step-over frame.

Addmotor Foldtan

Addmotor’s Foldtan series of e-bikes are electric folding bikes designed to combine power, comfort, and convenience. They feature a foldable mainframe, foldable pedals, a high-powered 750W motor, and high-comfort wide tires for over 100 miles of smooth and easy riding per charge.

Models in the Foldtan family include the colorful M-140 and M-140 P7, available in multiple bright color schemes, as well as the M-150 R7 and M-150 P7.

Addmotor Wildtan

More than just a family of all-terrain electric bikes, the Wildtan e-bikes are designed for hunting. They feature extra-powerful 1,000W electric motors, advanced Panasonic battery packs for over 60 miles of range per charge, and rugged all-terrain fat tires letting you cross any surface and elevation changes.

Wildtan e-bikes such as the M-5600 Mid-Drive are available in multiple color schemes, including a hunting-inspired camouflage pattern. They also come with a free rear rack for transporting all of your hunting or hiking essentials.

Why You Can Trust Upway When Buying an Addmotor Bike

Upway is committed to providing safe, high-quality products to its customers. Our talented mechanics and technicians review every pre-owned Addmotor electric bike to ensure it is in new or like-new condition before making them available for sale with our exclusive 5-step, 20-point process

This inspection and certification process ensures all critical components of your Addmotor electric bike, including mechanical elements and electronic parts, have been inspected by a professional, with appropriate repairs or parts replacements as needed.

In addition, we offer a 1-year limited product warranty and a free 14-day return period on all electric bikes you purchase with us.

Shop Quality Certified Pre-Owned Addmotor E-Bikes at Upway

Buying a brand-new, high-quality Addmotor electric bike can be a significant investment. At Upway, we aim to make the process as easy and convenient as possible with a wide selection of top-quality e-bike products available at reduced prices. 

Shop our selection of electric bikes and obtain a top-quality model at prices discounted up to 60% from the recommended retail price. Whether you need an Addmotor e-bike for commuting, city riding, off-roading, or hunting, we have a model for riders of all types and experience levels.