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Electric Bikes above $3000

Discover our selection of top of the range guaranteed electric bikes. They offer the most modern equipment as well as the highest level of comfort and performance. Buying an electric bike from Upway saves you between 20% to 60% vs new with free with shipping to your door and 14-day return policy.

Electric bikes priced above $3,000 encompass the highest-quality, top-range models. E-bikes in this category typically include high-performance products suitable for enthusiasts. However, expensive electric bikes aren’t solely about performance. You’ll also find e-bike models offering maximum comfort and the latest options and features.

Shopping premium certified used electric bikes at Upway ensures you access the latest and most advanced e-bike models while saving up to 60% on the cost of a brand-new product. Our selection includes premium city/hybrid e-bikes, electric road e-bikes, cargo e-bikes, and electric mountain bikes (eMTBs).

City and Hybrid Electric Bikes Above $3,000

Top-range hybrid electric bikes are versatile and comfortable, suitable for city streets, asphalt roads, and light off-road applications like dirt and gravel paths. They are ideal for commuting, shopping, and weekend riding in maximum comfort.

We carry a selection of premium used electric bikes made by the most reputable brands to ensure the best daily riding experience possible. Our premium city/hybrid models include e-bikes from brands like Benno, Bulls, Electra, Gazelle, Giant, Riese & Müller, Serial 1, and Specialized.

Riders considering buying a new city/hybrid e-bike may appreciate the features of a top-range model such as the Specialized Turbo Vado 6.0. This premium hybrid e-bike features an eye-catching frame design, a robust rear-mounted rack, and the latest electric assist technologies ideal for a fast and comfortable ride. 

The Vado 6.0 has a premium-grade Shimano XT 11-speed transmission and a powerful 85 Nm motor, letting riders reach the 20 mph top speed as quickly as needed and hold it for long periods. Its custom-designed 604 Wh battery pack will stay charged for long periods, letting you confidently take the Vado on extended rides.

Premium Road E-Bikes

Premium-grade road e-bikes are high-performance products designed for dedicated biking enthusiasts. These electric bikes are best suited for long-distance and endurance biking applications and often come with lightweight frames, ergonomic handlebars, advanced gearboxes, and high-performance brakes and tires.

Riders looking for premium electric road bikes on Upway can save up to 60% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price without compromising quality, reliability, features, or performance.

If you are a serious road biking enthusiast, consider purchasing a top-range electric road e-bike from Upway, such as the Trek Domane+ LT. This road e-bike is designed for endurance applications and has a full suite of features to let you ride longer. The Domane+ LT features a super-lightweight frame for an overall weight of just 24 lbs., making it significantly lighter than most other e-bikes. 

The Domane’s Fazua 250 Wh motor can reach up to 55 Nm of torque and power a pedal-assist system for a top speed of 20 mph. The Shimano Ultegra 11-speed gearbox and high-durability Bontrager R1 28” tires help ensure your ride is smooth and comfortable, even on highly inclined or challenging terrain.

Premium Cargo E-Bikes

Like their regular, non-powered equivalents, cargo e-bikes are designed to let you transport small quantities of items. They are the ideal solution for shopping runs, deliveries, school trips, camping, and other tasks requiring transporting bags or cases.

If you frequently use a cargo bike, consider upgrading to a premium cargo e-bike. Our selection of top-range cargo electric bikes are highly durable and feature robust designs, additional carrying capacity, and high-performance motors and battery packs. 

Transporting objects on a bike is easy and comfortable with a premium used cargo e-bike made by top-rated manufacturers like Benno and Giant. Quality cargo electric bikes like the Giant PakYak E+ are designed to offer the carrying capacity and performance you need to transport anything that fits on a bike rack. 

This cargo e-bike features a high-durability rear rack, a robust front basket, all-purpose 24” Maxxis tires, and a heavy-duty frame rated to carry up to 361 lbs. of cargo. The 500 Wh battery pack powers a high-performance 85 Nm motor, allowing the PakYak to reach a top speed of 28 mph.

Premium Electric Mountain E-Bikes

Electric mountain bikes (eMTB) in the $3,000 or higher price range are referred to as premium eMTBs. This product category has the latest and most advanced features to enhance your mountain biking experience, making it the ideal type of e-bike for the off-road enthusiast.

Upway carries a large selection of electric mountain bikes from the world’s top makers, including Bulls, Giant, Haibike, Orbea, and Specialized. Many of these models feature top-quality lightweight frames, high-powered motors, long-lasting battery packs, and comfortable suspension systems to create the best off-road and mountain biking experience.

A typical example of a premium eMTB is the Giant Trance X E+ 3 Pro. This model meets the needs of nearly any mountain biking enthusiast: a lightweight aluminum frame giving the e-bike an overall weight of only 57 lbs, an advanced Maestro full suspension system, fully-adjustable frame geometry, and 29” Maxxis Dissector all-terrain tires with aggressive treads.

The Trance X’s powerful 85 Nm electric motor provides riders with the bursts of torque on demand needed to traverse any terrain. It is coupled with a long-lasting Yamaha-made 625 Wh battery pack, with a maximum theoretical range of over 100 miles.

Shop Certified Pre-Owned Premium E-Bikes at Upway

When you buy a premium e-bike at Upway, you can feel confident in the quality and reliability of your purchase. Each product we carry undergoes a thorough 5-step, 20-point inspection process before going on sale, ensuring your e-bike is in new or like-new condition so you can enjoy your bike for many years.