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Yuba Electric Bikes

Yuba is a Franco-American brand of bicycles and electric cargo bikes born in 2007 and created by Benjamin Sarrazin, a Frenchman living in California, passionate about cycling and sustainability.

Yuba Electric Bikes

Founded in California in 2007, Yuba specializes in colorful, playful, Cargo Bikes. Their goal: to make the Cargo Bike the vehicle of tomorrow.

Yuba: Technology, sustainability, and fun, all in one.

Upway is proud to recommend Yuba. With a strong Franco-Californian identity, Yuba Bicycles specializes in cargo bikes, and more specifically longtails. Born in 2007, Yuba is the work of Benjamin Sarrazin, a Frenchman living in California who swears by nature and kayaking. Concerned about the environment and his daily means of transportation, he created the first Mundo with his own hands, then launched the brand in the United States. With ambition and his roots pushing him to expand, the first bikes arrived in Europe in 2016. Now present in more than 18 countries, Yuba is recognized as a pioneer brand and specialist in Longtail Cargo Bikes. With more than 8 models in the range, Yuba Cargo Bikes are identifiable thanks to a very colorful, fun and family identity. The brand’s objective is to offer a premium quality, smooth-riding cargo bike to all users, without exception.

Thanks to Upway, you get quality from Yuba at a reasonable price and save between 20 and 60% when buying an electric bike! Whether you’re seeking a mobility solution for family transport, adult transport, packages of all sizes, groceries, camping or sports equipment, ski or surf racks and much more – Yuba has the right bike for you.

How to choose your Yuba Electric Bike:

Opt for a Yuba Electric Bike from our selection of Cargo electric bikes.

The Yuba Spicy Curry model is not a meal, but an Electric Cargo Bike as practical for bulky loads as fidgety children! Stable, robust and safe, it is one of the brand's bestsellers. This electric longtail is equipped with a long luggage rack and two baskets. It has a Bosch Cargo Line motor combined with a 500 Wh PowerPack battery, which will help you climb the hills without difficulty, even with your two children and your shopping bags. The Yuba Spicy Curry offers a smooth and natural ride. Its low center of gravity makes it very stable and allows the little ones to set up on their own, even when the bike is on the stand.

Another popular model, The Yuba FastRack can accommodate 1 to 2 children and carry up to 440 lb. This compact Cargo e-bike is beloved by urban families, as it can be stored vertically to drastically reduce its physical footprint. It is equipped with a Shimano E7000 motor associated with a 500 Wh battery. The Yuba FastRack also has an accessory developed by the brand: the Dual Rack System that allows you to adapt your Electric Cargo Bike to all situations by adapting to different modes: Sideboard, Carry-on, Flat Bed, or Compact.

Finally, the manufacturer also designs a very powerful electric longtail with the Yuba Mundo EP8. Capable of transporting 3 children, this VAE is a real minivan that can support a load of up to 500 lb. It houses a Shimano EP8 motor and a 504 Wh battery.