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SUPER73 Electric Bikes

SUPER73 is an American lifestyle adventure brand, that popularized the Scrambler e-Bike category. Known for their iconic look, they are one of the most popular electric Bike brands, with a customer base that includes multiple celebrities.

Super 73 S2
Super 73 S2
2021 5ft0" - 6ft4" < 5mi

$2,749 $3,295 new

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SUPER73 Electric Bikes

SUPER73 offers scrambler-type electric bikes, which are inspired by motorcycle designs. There are three different lines, Z, S, and R Series to accommodate increasing needs, such as suspension, larger battery capacity, and off-roading.

SUPER73: One of the most recognizable electric vehicle brands in the world.

Upway is proud to recommend SUPER73, an American lifestyle adventure brand based in Orange County, CA that develops products to help fuse motorcycle heritage with youth culture. Founded in 2016, SUPER73 has quickly grown into one of the most recognizable electric vehicle brands in the world with a passionate customer base including A-list celebrities, professional athletes, and many more.

In addition to their sleek looks, SUPER73 features a strong community - the brand often hosts events such as Safety Seminars, Group Rides, and more in popular areas. It also helps that the likes of Casey Neistat, Post Malone, and Will Smith have been featured showcasing the brand.

Thanks to Upway, you get quality from SUPER73 at a reasonable price and save between 20 and 60% when buying an electric bike! Enjoy cruising around on an iconic SUPER73, whether that's around the neighborhood or off the beaten path.

How to choose your SUPER73:

SUPER73 offers three main lines to adapt to your electric bike needs. 

The Z-Series represents the entry point into SUPER73. With a lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame and a convenient removable battery, the Z Series is perfect for cruising around the neighborhood in style.

The next step up will be the S-Series, which is upgraded with hydraulic disc brakes, and built in LED headlights and taillights. Some specific models also come with suspension to accommodate bumpier rides. The battery is also about 1.5x the capacity of the Z-Series and removable.

Lastly, the most premium option is the R-Series, which features full suspension, a bulletproof front thru-axle, and a fully removable battery pack that has 2x the capacity of the Z series. Even better, the R-Series bikes can be set to off-road mode, allowing for speeds above 28mph.