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Rocky Mountain Electric Bikes

Rocky Mountain is a Canadian mountain bike brand founded in 1981. It develops compact and powerful electric bikes for riders of all levels.

Rocky Mountain Electric Bikes

Rocky Montain is a specialist of electric mountain bikes with their impressive Dyname drive system. For ten years, their engineers dreamed, created, tested and meticulously improved upon Dyname until they got it right. The Dyname drive is compact, powerful, and smooth.

Rocky Mountain: Love the ride.


Upway is proud to recommend Rocky Mountain, a Canadian eMTB brand that invests heavily into R&D for their own platform and drive system. Rocky Mountain is best known for its emphasis on performance because of their background in the mountain bike scene. They use their own systems like Dynamo and Powerplay to make sure each bike is equipped with components that allow for maximum performance. Their bikes have everything you need for aggressive enduro, downhill or mountain e-biking Thanks to Upway, you get quality from Rocky Mountain at a reasonable price and save between 20 and 60% when buying an Electric Bike! Rocky Mountain: compact, powerful, and smooth.

How to choose your Rocky Mountain electric bike


Rocky Mountain focuses only on electric mountain bikes, offering both hardtail and full suspension versions.

As far as e-Bike Class is concern, Class 1 electric-bikes are pedal-assist bicycles that provide power to the rider only when the rider is pedaling. These bikes have a maximum speed of 20 mph. Class 2 electric bikes, also known as "throttle-assist" bikes, have a similar power and speed capability as Class 1 electric bikes, but they also have a throttle control that allows the rider to engage the motor without pedaling. This means that the rider can use the motor to propel the bike forward, even if they are not pedaling. Class 3 electric bikes, also known as "speed pedelecs", are similar to Class 1 and 2 electric bikes, but they have a higher maximum speed of 28 mph. These electric bikes are designed for use on roads and some states are required minimum age and use of helmets, please make sure to comply with your local laws before buying and when riding a Class 3 electric bike.. Rocky Mountain offers mostly Class 1 and 2 e-bikes