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CUBE Electric Bikes

CUBE is a German brand created in 1993 with a single objective: to design a bike that perfectly combines reliability, robustness and safety. With 8 years of experience in the electric bike category, CUBE now offers electric bikes for all kinds of users, with bikes across the Mountain, Road, Touring, Urban, Cargo, and Commuter categories. 

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CUBE Electric Bikes

CUBE prides itself on unique, high-quality bike builds in all categories of electric bicycles. If you want a CUBE bike, there’s one for you whether it's to take down a mountain or to the grocery store.

CUBE: German engineering meets Electric bikes.

Upway is proud to recommend CUBE, a German brand founded in 1993 that is now among the most popular and renowned bike brands, with 1.2 million bikes and e-bikes sold annually. 

CUBE is best known for its emphasis on quality, derived from their high standards for engineering and quality components. They use premium suppliers such as Bosch (for electrical components) and are driven by the aspiration to get the maximum out of every bike. Later in the production process, CUBE bikes are sent through a rigorous stress test that includes bumps, hard braking, and load stresses, all to ensure quality performance.

Thanks to Upway, you get quality from CUBE at a reasonable price and save between 20 and 60% when buying an electric bike! Take pride in riding an electric bike you can trust!

How to choose your CUBE Electric bike:

CUBE offers electric bikes in virtually every category; some recommendations are listed below. 

One of the most popular models is the CUBE Stereo Hybrid, an Electric Mountain Bike that features full suspension and top of the line components such as the Fox Float Factory fork. Each Stereo Hybrid boasts an optimized chassis, geometry, and overall setup to withstand all sorts of off-roading.

If you're looking for something more urban, there is also the Compact Sport Hybrid. The Compact Sport Hybrid’s rugged, easy step-through design fits riders of all sizes and is easy to store and transport with it's compact but robust design. And the lighting system, mudguards, luggage carrier and kickstand ensure that the Compact Sport Hybrid will slot easily into your life.

Finally, if you just need to get your kids around town the Cargo Hybrid is a different beast, built with a maximum system weight of 220kg – which means it's capable of carrying bulky loads, or even two children with the optional seat, in safety and comfort. Handling is stable and confidence-inspiring even when fully loaded, so navigating city streets is a breeze.