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VanMoof Revival Program by Upway

Register for our 2023/2024 repair program dedicated exclusively to VanMoof bicycle owners


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Enter your contact details using the form below to register for our exclusive program and receive a repair slot.

September 2023

Repair slots open

You will be informed throughout the year of slot openings. If your bike breaks down, please sign up for a slot and we will assess its repairability.

If your VanMoof bike is accepted

We repair your bike

We will pick up your bike from your home, inspect it in our warehouse, and send you a quote. If you agree, we will complete the repairs and deliver your bike back to you.

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The VanMoof Revival Program

Our mission is to give new life to millions of electric bikes. Following the announcement of VanMoof's bankruptcy, many customers are worried about the future of their electric bikes. 

Thanks to our team of qualified mechanics trained by VanMoof technicians, we are happy to offer a solution to the owners of VanMoof bikes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many repair slots dedicated to VanMoof will you open?

Starting September 1, 2023, we will open 500 repair slots spanning over the next twelve months. We expect more demand than available slots. The slots will be offered in order of registration and their number will be limited because we are subject to the availability of certain spare parts, therefore we encourage you to register now. 

Will Upway be able to repair my VanMoof?

In order to have your Vanmoof bike repaired, you must register for the program using the form above.

You will be added to our waiting list and be informed by email when the booking slots open. Then you must enter: model and year of your bike, type of problem encountered ...

Our mechanics will then assess the repairability of your bike and, if necessary, we will contact you to organize pickup to our warehouse.

How much will the repair of my Vanmoof bike cost?

Once the inspection of your bike is complete, you will receive a custom quote, including the $99 fee that covers collection of your bike, inspection and the return of your bike. The quote will also include the cost of the spare parts necessary to repair your bike. You will then have the option to accept or deny the quote. We only invoice the $99 and the cost of the spare parts needed: the labor time of our mechanics will be complimentary.

My Vanmoof bike was accepted to the repair program: what happens next?

We first collect your Vanmoof bike at your home and organize transport to our warehouse. Our mechanics will inspect the bike and, if your bike is repairable, we will send you a quote that you may accept or decline. If you accept it, we will then request payment via the Upway website. Once the payment has been made, our mechanics will complete the repairs and the bike back to you. We estimate a 4 week turnaround time.

What happens if the bike is not repairable?

If the bike is not repairable, we can either offer you a buyout offer to recover the spare parts, or return your bike to you free of charge.

Where do you offer this repair program?

We offer this program to the owners of Vanmoof bikes located in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and New York City.