Choosing the Right Type of Frame

What type of frame is right for me?

There are a wide variety of frame types: however for simplicity's sake, most can be classified as either step-through (open) or step-over (closed).

Step-Over Frame (Closed)

This type of closed frame offers the best rigidity (and therefore is used on most mountain bikes), but requires you to lift your leg high to get on the bike.

Step-Through Frame (Open)

Step-through frames either do not have a top tube, or have a significantly lowered one. These are best for simple commuting, frequent stops, and for those with restricted mobility.

Many bike models come with two versions: one step-over and one step-through. There is no "better" option, just what is more suitable for you! Typically, step-over frames are associated with a more "athletic" stance, while step-through frames place the rider in a more "leisurely", upright position.

Updated on October 20, 2023