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FAQs: Selling Your Bike to Upway:

What does the process of selling my electric bike to Upway look like ?

Sell your electric bike to Upway in 3 easy steps: 
Step 1: Send your request. Go to our dedicated page and fill out our 3 minute questionnaire to get your quote. Please contact us via if you are happy with our offer.
Step 2: Prepare to ship your bike. Depending on your location, we'll suggest several pick-up/drop off solutions. Regardless, the shipping fees are on us (we do not take care of the costs related to packaging and protection. Please make sure to package it properly using foam padding, zip ties, and hub protectors to minimize any potential shipping damage. Damage caused due to improper packing will be deducted from our offer. Local bike shops regularly pack and ship electric and non-electric bikes).
Step 3: Collect your payment. Once we receive the bike, it will be inspected by our team of bike mechanics. If the condition of the bike corresponds with your description of your electric bike, you will receive the payment via bank transfer.

What types of electric bikes can I sell on Upway? 

We accept all electric bikes purchased after 2016. However, we only accept top brands with certified Lithium Ion batteries. We reserve the right to refuse any electric bikes. Please be sure to accurately describe the condition of your electric bike (scratches, mileage, last service, etc.) so we can send you a fully informed offer. We will inspect the bike and make sure it is congruent with your description before payment. We do not accept electric bikes that have been modified.

What are the accessories that I should provide with my electric bike?

Please include the battery, the charger and the keys. We cannot accept any electric bike without these 3 components. Any additional components such as luggage racks, lights, bells, etc. can be sent with your bike.

Can I sell an electric bike that doesn't work anymore?

We do not accept bikes with cracks or major dents to the frame or fork. For any others issues (motor, battery, mechanical components, etc.), please mention it in your description of the electric bike when you fill out our questionnaire. We will then inspect the electric bike in our workshop and depending on the time and cost of the repairs your electric bike needs, we will adapt our offer.  

Can I sell my electric bike to Upway and get credit at Upway to buy a new one?

Not yet! We are currently working on our credit policy.

How should I ship my electric bike ?

Pick-up/drop off depends on your location. If you are close to our workshop in Brooklyn, NY (East Williamsburg), you can come and drop the electric bike off there or use our same day delivery partners (you won't need to box the bike - just protect the most vulnerable parts). If you live further than 200 miles from Brooklyn, NY, most local bike shops offer a pack and shipping service, which can offer you a bike box. Or you can order a shipping kit on our website.

What happens if we notice unmentioned issues on your electric bike? 

In that case, we will contact you with an updated offer taking into account these problems. You are free to accept it or not - if you don't accept it, we'll send the electric bike back to you at no additional cost.

If you still have questions: 

Contact us via email :