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FAQs: Finding Your New E-Bike

How to do I choose the right electric bike ?

Your choice will depend on your riding needs and preference. It will also depend on some personal criteria: preferred brand, motor, battery, level of motor assistance, low/high step and your budget. Please have a look at our purchase guide and find our our customized selection tool here!

How much does an electric bike cost?

Electric bikes manufacturers provide price ranges from very affordable (approx. $500) to top of the range (more than $5000).

What size should I choose ?

You can filter by size in our electric bikes catalog to help find a selection personalized to your size.

What is the least expensive electric bike?

You can filter our bikes by price in our catalog to find a selection of electric bikes within your budget. You can find our selection of electric bikes under $1500 here.

What is the maximum weight for an electric bike ?

The maximum weight that an electric bike can carry depends on type of bike as well as the make and model. Many manufacturers make electric cargo and utility bikes that can carry upwards of 200 pounds!

How much does an electric bike weigh?

The weight of an electric bike varies between 45 lb and 60 lb on average. Cargo electric bikes, with bigger and stronger frames can weigh up to 90 or 100 lb. Electric mountain bikes often weight between 33 and 60 lbs, while folding electric bikes weight around 45 lb. Finally, the lightest electric bikes in the market have usually an aluminum or carbon fiber frame and weight between 20 and 22 lb. The lightest electric bikes tend to be intended for sport-related use.

Can I install a luggage rack, a child seat, or a trailer on my electric bike?

The vast majority of electric bikes available on Upway can accommodate a luggage rack, a child seat, and/or a trailer.
-Many models provide a luggage rack pre-installed, which are always pictured on the bike if it comes with one.  Please contact us via email: or via our chat if you want to check the maximum carrying capacity or the dimensions of the luggage rack.
-The majority of our electric bikes on Upway can accommodate a child seat, but not all models. City, cargo, and utility electric fitted with a rear luggage rack can almost always have a child seat fitted to them. 
-All electric bikes can be used with a trailer - you will just have to choose the right hitch: they can be fixed on the axle of the rear wheel, near the rear dropouts of the frame, or on the seat post depending on the trailer model.

If you still have questions: 

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