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FAQs: Battery

How does an electric bike work?

Electric bikes work just like your analog bicycle, but with a boost! Electric bicycles have a motor either in the rear wheel or near the bottom of the frame that kicks in when you pedal. The motor can in some cases be controlled by a throttle depending on the model, which requires no pedal input to accelerate. The motor is connected to a battery either integrated into or attached to the frame or rear rack; this is what powers your motor, display unit, lights, and more! You will be able to choose the level of assistance the motor gives you from the display unit or a controller integrated in the bike. Electric bicycles use the same shifting and braking components from analog bicycles so you will feel right at home slowing down and changing gear! There are often mobile apps that manufacturers make to allow you to check the condition and tune some characteristics of the electric systems on your bicycle.

Do your electric bikes come with a charger?

Yes! All our e-bikes are sold with a compatible charger. 

Does a used battery still work? 

Theoretically, a battery can hold for more than 500 cycles of charge before a significant loss of capacity, which means between 20,000 and 35,000 miles travelled before reaching 80% of the battery capacity. Our mechanics run a battery diagnostic test on each battery to ensure they are in fully working condition!

If I buy an electric bike with the battery under the luggage rack, can I still install a child seat? 

Having a battery under the luggage rack, does not prevent you from having a child seat on top. Note that some child seat models that are mounted to the frame of the bicycle and not on a luggage rack can be difficult to install above a battery. To be 100% sure, email us at: if you need advice. Send us information about the electric bicycle and child seat you want to install, and we will check the compatibility for you. Also note that the maximum carrying capacity of some luggage racks (55lbs on average) does not account for the battery weight (9 lbs on average), which reduces the remaining allowed carrying capacity. If you are unsure, always feel free to ask us at:!

What is the range of an electric bike?

The range of your electric bike depends on several factors, such as the e-bike's class, the terrain, the weight on the bike, the charge cycles of the battery, the assistance mode you select, weather conditions... Regardless, the average range of 500 watt-hour (wh) battery is around 50 miles; for a 400wh battery, the range is around 40 miles; for a 300wh battery, the range falls to 23 miles. These are simply estimates, as there are many contributing factors to the range on your battery

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