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You film your unboxing.

We give it the thumbs up. 

You receive an Amazon gift card!

Here's how it works: Want to help show people how much you love Upway? When you receive your order, just film the unboxing and your reactions. After we receive and validate the video, we'll send over a $30 Amazon code! Not sure how to film it? No worries, we've outlined everything below. 


How do I film my Upway experience?

We've got some pointers to make sure your content shines. 

The rest is all in your hands, so let your creativity run wild. 

Just film, and we'll handle the editing!


Keep the video short, and experiment with transitions!

There are two examples shown below. As you can see, the videos are short, but capture a few parts of the Upway experience. What we love to see: your genuine reactions (smile!), the unboxing/assembly, outdoors, maybe a quick ride. Get inspired and be creative!

How to receive your Amazon Code?

When you're done, send your video to our support team at helpdesk@upway.shop (you can use Google Drive if the video is too large). We'll get back to you within 48 hours to confirm receipt and send you your $30 Amazon code, ready for immediate use, and no minimum purchase required.

By submitting your video, you acknowledge that it may be shared on Upway's social media platforms and other internal or external communication channels. Thank you for contributing to our community!

Remember: all video submissions must be filmed via a phone and in vertical format.